May 21, 2019

Justice for BSY

The old BJP elite high command had once ensured that BSY resigned. The reason for the resignation was a joke which cost the BJP a lot in the subsequent polls of 2013 giving the anti-national Party a strong foothold in the South. The state of Karnataka subsequently became an ATM for the party and most of the liberals admit openly that if Congress loses Karnataka there would be problems of funding for 2019 elections. Corruption by Congress is never a concern for the liberals and the prestitutes.

BSY was made to resign because the elite BJP leaders wanted to pin the charges of corruption on Congress and make it suffer in the parliament. On the face of it all appears a sanctimonious effort but in the end nothing was achieved. The elite BJP leaders who worshipped Maino did not dare to question her directly and wanted to take an alleged moral high ground by making BSY to resign over a bigoted report prepared by a dubious agent. Even after the resignation, the BJP leaders failed to achieve anything of significance.

It was the efforts of individuals such as Swamy that has ensured that truck load of muck of corruption struck on the Congress and made the people of Bharat realize that Congress is a den of corruption. The leaders of BJP had yet again failed a grass roots level leader who had worked hard to reach a top position in a state. The rootless wonders in Delhi could not accept this and had not much supported BSY over several issues. For all his faults BSY is the man who had held the fort of the BJP for a very long in the south and has brought the party close to power in South.

For all its past failures of the Delhi leadership of BJP, they owe it big time to BSY. Whatever may be the non-anti-Constitutional method available at hand should be used to ensure that Shri BSY gets the CM post and bring a closure to the efforts of the man who worked for such a long time. The questions of ethics and morals donot come into picture after what BSY was made to suffer. Only anti-constitutional activities should not be used and every other means if available should be explored.

Apart from this, the people of the several areas have voted for the BJP government and the BJP cannot simply shrug off saying that it does not have the numbers. In a scenario where in nobody has full numbers, numbers have to be created and government has to be formed. The works of Amit Shah and Modi are highly commendable because of their efforts to payback another mass leader who was once a victim of tyranny of Delhi. Amit Shah and Modi are at another lever and know fully the pain suffered by BSY and hopefully there will be justice for BSY.


Picture Credit: @BSYBJP



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