April 23, 2019

#MediaSupari 2 – Justice Arnab

Continuing with the #MediaSupari series, today we will be discussing case of two so called brave heart girls, claimed to have  fought their molesters in the bus, when all other passengers including bus driver and conductor were mute spectators. And on the same day, sharp at 9.00 pm, rose a self-proclaimed on protector of distress people, Mr. Arnab Goswami to not just lend support to #RohtakSisters but also to sentence the accused gallows.

Mr. Goswami announced the accused were guilty, even before investigation completed by the police on mere complaint. Arnab gathered few other eternal outraging activist and loud mouths to name and shame the accused. The entire agenda was to develop a public hatred towards the accused; when the requirement was to develop disdain and also awareness towards so called crime that was said to be perpetrated.

To a certain extent, Media led by Arnab was successful in penalizing the accused even before the crime was ascertained. One of the accused who had applied for army got his application rejected; the bus driver and conductor were initially suspended only to be reinstated later. But the Media was still not satisfied, only to get their vigilante backfire, thanks to activist Ms. Deepika Bhardwaj.

The truth was uglier – #RohtakSisters as the two girls were known by the media got identified as habitual ruckus creators; Even in the said incident, upon investigation, the witness authenticatedthe version of the alleged accused  argument started after #RohtakSisters denied giving seating place to elderly women.

The thirst of Media and especially of Arnab for TRP and exploiting predetermined victimhood card, spoiled career of two youth. Which is just not acceptable. Job of Media is NOT to pronounce someone guilty and penalize them.

Pic Courtesy – www.unrealtimes.com