May 24, 2019


I have to admit , he was my idol – the ultimate hero . A unique combo of a character artist , a comedian and a endearing romantic , who in my opinion , is an ultimate gift to the cine world .

The release of his movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ was marred by hurdles created by the then Chief Minister J.Jayalalita , to overcome which he was literally made to beg .
In frustration he even threatened to leave the country for good . Probably that traumatic phase of his career was when he realised that no matter how popular you are , Politicians can bring you to your knees . It must be then that he decided to take the political plunge . But with Jaya at the helm of affairs, he developed cold feet and shelved his plans for later.

Now with Jaya gone , and the ugly tug of war within the AIADMK turning uglier every passing day . With the DMK patriarch ailing and with Stalin yet to exhibit leadership qualities , the Tamil state stares at a big power vacuum . A tempting time for wannabe Politicians .

The undisputed Tamil superstar , Rajinikant was the first to drop a hint that his political role was imminent . Although nothing official has been announced , the possibilities of the superstar entering politics gain credence because it’s a ‘now or never’ moment for him, and obviously he is not oblivious to the fact that with no Leader of the stature of Jaya or Karuna in the fray , Tamilnadu is ripe for the picking . Rajinikant who enjoys immense popularity in a state obsessed with celluloid hero’s can be expected to create a sizable niche for himself in the political arena , even the Chief Minister’s chair is not un-gettable .

Kamal intends to preempt Rajinikant’s entry into politics . Kamal knows that he lacks the demigod aura of Rajinikant since he never cultivated an on-screen image of a pro-poor do-gooder – attributes that Rajinikant judiciously cultivated both on-screen and off-screen , and if recalled , was also central to MGR’s on-screen image that pitchforked him to the pinnacle of state politics . Hence , Kamal is left with no other option but to depend on narratives that are controversial and sensitive in nature to make a mark in Tamilnadu politics .

The Dravidian fervour of Tamilnadu has always rejected Central parties in favour of regional outfits . It was always a contest between the DMK and AIADMK . A straight two-way battle has been the norm , sometimes in alliance with the Congress and other smaller regional outfits , but never in the recent past has a National Party had any say in Tamilnadu electoral politics . But with heavyweights disappearing the doors are ajar for National parties to make a foray into the state .

Amit Shah , a diehard strategist will not allow such an opportunity to go abegging . He has jacked up the Hindu outfits presence in Tamilnadu in a big way in a resolute quest to make deep inroads there .

Kamal has his task cutout . Rajinikant is too popular to be challenged head-on , and AIADMK is not an option due to his altercation with Jayalalitha during her rein . His hopes rest on Congress due to his proximity to P.Chidambaram and the DMK . Hence he is compelled to take a pro Congress (and a pro DMK ) stand and it’s imperative for him to thwart the BJP from getting a toe-hold in Tamilnadu. The outburst on ‘Hindu Terror’ is his way of challenging the BJP. By targeting the BJP he clearly wishes to send out a couple of messages ; firstly he wishes to instill the fear of Hindu Right Wing in the minds of Tamil minorities . Secondly he wants to distance himself from Religion to make himself acceptable to the core Dravidian constituency , because the demography of Tamilnadu electoral politics has revolved around one key parameter , that is the Periyar model of conservative Dravidian movement that advocates rejection of religious beliefs .

For Kamal , a Brahmin and a devout Hindu , it’s politics of compulsion . Politics of keeping the BJP out by demonising them . Politics of appeasing the minorities . Politics of deterring Rajinikant from taking a plunge. And Politics of make-believe endearment to core Dravidian values.

The epitome of acting excellence is enacting a drama in selfish pursuit of political glory .
Once upon a time I could not find words to describe him but today all I need is two words – MORALLY CORRUPT.
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