April 26, 2019

#TempleofIndia Kankaleshwar Temple

Kankaleshwar is the oldest and the most beautiful building in the town. Historians are not sure about the construction period of this temple. The architectural style suggests that it might have been constructed during Yadava period, most probably during the reign of Singhana (1210–47), who also founded Devagiri (Daulatabad). The design of this temple has some close similarities to the temples at the famous caves of Ellora. Situated in the middle of a small lake in the eastern part of the town, the temple is built with black stone and is carved with excellent human and divine figures. A fair is held in the grounds of temple during Mahashivratri.


How to Reach

Taxi : Taxis and Auto rickshaws are easily available for moving about in the city.

BUS : Beed is well connected by road to major towns in the state. The National highway no 211 that runs from Ahmadabad to Hyderabad passes through the town. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation buses and some private owned travel agencies offer bus services to the main cities of the state from Beed.

Train : The closest railway stations are Parali Vaijnath (120 km), Aurangabad (133 km) and Ahmednagar (145 km).

Air : The closest domestic airport is Aurangabad (133 km), while the nearby international airports are Mumbai (418 km) and Pune (250 km).


Content courtesy – www.wikipedia.org and www.tourmet.com

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