March 22, 2019

Kashmir and News Traders – Next Move?

Sooner or later the focus of central government should shift on News Traders.

The government has to take the difficult step of being vocal no matter what News Traders create the impression. Unless that is done the going will not be easy.

To put record straight congress had their share of opportunity to resolve Kashmir issue, one that is self made by their own 1st PM. They were the first one to try interlocutors. Neither their own Shri Shivraj Patil gave any importance to Hindus in Jammu nor Madamji. Who will forget how Hindus in Jammu were treated and what congress and media did to Muzaffarabad March in August 2008

Detailed chronology of events is written in the book A State in turbulence Jammu & Kashmir by Narendra Sehgal. And then PM Shri Manmohan Singh anyways had made a grand announcement that Muslims must have first claim to resources.

In one of the speech of Shri Modi he gave a reply to Shri Manmohan statement.

There may be reason why NaMo has been keeping quite all this while. He is not a person to forget the damage. 

Anyway, now he is PM and on his way to do something big and for sure before 2019. Yes before 2019. I have written many times in my tweets and articles that I have absolutely no doubt on his development agenda and executionof the same. Probably he is doing much better than the expectation. There are doubts on his capability to fix News Traders.  Then in a rally in Hajipur Bihar on April 30, 2014 Modijji said News Traders dance on Congress’s Tune.

In the last two years plus in power we have seen there is a sort of queue at NDTV studio for interview.

Right from Kargil to latest visit to Kashmir by Home Minister we have seen one common face. Senior Journalist Kanchan Da is explicit as always in speaking his heart out.


Let us review some more ……………




So why do we keep using the words like Prestitutes and News Traders? Are we crazy? Or we have lost our mental balance?

A detailed blog of Shri Anil Kohli titled Political Bankruptcy of Congress comes to fore written on October 26, 2010.

But to my knowledge (correct me if I am wrong) the first mention of the word News Traders was in 2012. It was on July 8, 2012 Modiji had written on his Twitter account about News Traders.

news traders

People on social media have worked almost 24 x 7 fighting these News Traders with facts and figures. And the height of this battle was select Twitter Handles of some of the most vocal citizens were blocked by Congress and Celebrated by News Traders.

As the 2014 elections came close in one of the interviews with Shri Rajat Sharma he said

Kuch logon ko Darna Padegaa

Congress went to Election Commission to register a complain even.

news traders 1

News traders have given more time to Separatist than Kashmiri Pandit. Some like Rahul Kanwal have blamed un employment for the unrest. The list is long. What government needs to do is clip the wings of anti national people.

No coverage of separatist in media, no news traders should be allowed in the valley or meeting anyone them on foreign soil even. All social activist who move around in public as if they had stopped eating food much before the drought in Maharashtra but have huge financial assets, should be banned from going to Pakistan and attending seminars (we have seen enough of JNU), freeze all bank accounts of separatists till they start begging on street and move to Pakistan.

The freedom to think and move has to be choked of all news traders and separatist to an extent that either they fall in line or take shelter in their so called Paradise Pakistan.

There can’t be Aman Ki Aasha with anyone having anti agenda plan.

For years Baluchistan has been going through hell. What has United Nation done? Nothing. Baluchis have no place to go. Where are human hights and amnesty and Malala?


Time has come to call spade a spade. Now India has to take Gyaan from Malala even.

She obviously is blind to the needs of Baluchistan, POK and Hindus in Pakistan. A carefully crafted International voice with well planned global PR exercise and crowned with Noble Peace Prize. Oh God this is height of sermons from the comfort zone.

There are deserving Malala in Baluchistan but no one will look there.

So what do we expect from now on?

  • I believe a list of all active and dormant News Traders is anyway ready for best possible legal treatment. One can’t have freedom to break the nation in the name of Journalist or News Agency.
  • The well wishers of all such News Traders are under watch.
  • Another list of NGOs, social activist would also be under vigil and action will be taken other than financial ground.

What if all this doesn’t happen?

God willing everything will happen as anticipated. Just in case if doesn’t happen then citizens of India have matured over the years. They can’t be used like road side fodder. If they can take a conscious call of siding with Modiji when it came to identifying and forcing a PM candidate on BJP and RSS, they would always shift loyalty to other alternate available.

Will continue on the Alternate in next article. Do share your opinion.


Credit: DNA, Twitter screen shots,Ms Madhu Kishwar ,Shri Anil Kohli blog, You Tube


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