April 23, 2019

Kashmir CleanUp

The Radical Islamic Problem (RIP) of Kashmir is test case for the short sightedness of the political class and success of the bigotry of the radicals. Very few examples in the world politics exist that prove the point that talks with radicals will yield solutions, but the government of India in the perennial hope of finding a solution where none exists. The Government of India claims that Kashmir is an integral part of India but has failed to deliver the message to the people of Kashmir and in certain other places where there are secessionists exist. While in some areas after a long process the violence has reduced because of several other factors, the Kashmir problem is related with a religious agenda that aims to establish a Islamic State in Kashmir first and all over India in the future.

If the news that the Kashmiri Police have lodged a FIR against the army officer Gogoi who has tied a stone pelter to the jeep, then it implies that the Government of India and J&K are simply paying Jizya tax to the stone pelters. The Kashmir police should be taken to task and before that the SC judges should be made to parade in the streets of Kashmir while the stone pelting is taking place and also when the army uses non lethal weapons to stop the Islamic stone pelters. The courts have already exceeded their mandate when they indulge in the affairs of national security with their colonized bias. Instead of taking the sides of the constitution and the defense forces the courts have taken anti-Constitutional stance and sided with the stone pelters and it is a huge blot on the Judiciary itself. There are enough checks and balances in our system and especially in the army which the courts themselves have agreed several times and now with times changing, the courts want to indulge in defense matters too.

It is the same courts that would go around in circles giving bail over phones, giving adjournments etc when they could have summon the concerned people and finish the hearing in defense related corruption issues. But our courts believe they are supreme creatures of the constitution and everyone is subservient to them as they think they are the protectors of the constitution which the people have given themselves. This apart, the courts could have asked the government as to why the Article 370 is not abolished and what action the governments have taken to integrate the radical Kashmiris into the mainstream. The courts could have asked why the stone pelters are not dealt with force when they are destroying public property. The courts could as well take suo moto action and question the various government agencies but the courts have a mind of their own and indulge in lollipop justice.

The Kashmiri police have failed in their duty in maintaining law and order and it is a shame on the police that they could not take to task a few thousand radical Islamic stone pelters. A lot has to be learnt from our own leaders who have used the police force to stop the mindless violence. Chandrababu Naidu used Grey Hounds to eliminate the naxal menace to large extent, KPS Gill worked hard to eliminate the Khalisthani menace, Modi used the state police to stop the post-Godhra riots. The several violent protests that happen in various states from time to time are stopped by the various state police forces and at times with the aid of central forces. But only in a parts of Kashmir that the mindless Islamic violence doesnot seem to end because of the false narrative that is set. The only way to set the narrative is to take the strong action against anyone who has taken an anti-Constitutional stance.

A person could belong to any community and if he works against integrity of the union then he is an enemy of the state. Most of the leaders of the Islamic Kashmir are part of the problem including the current CM who is more than a closet Islamic radical. The radical islamists can have excuses like there is less sugar in the tear and could blowup a hotel or the reason could be lack of water in their tank and could blow up a dam or it could be that they got less marks and could blow a school. The radical islamists donot see reason and there is no difference between educated radical and uneducated islamist. Both indulge in mindless violence due to lack of knowledge .

Any appeasement by the government of India and the government of J&K only makes these radicals think that they are being paid Jaziya tax by the kafir governments in the hope of peace. The solution is to stop paying Jizya tax and try all the anti-constitutional elements for treason and if their crimes are serious give them death penalty. The writ of the Government should run in Kashmir and the radical Islamic kashimiris have had too long a rosy time enjoying all the perks and indulging mindless violence. The loss of life is inevitable and the jihadi Islamic people of Kashmir would get support from one corner of the world or the other as peace in Kashmir is anathema to several nations that donot want India to grow into a super power. The weakness of the Indian State is displayed by its failure in the state of Kashmir against the radical islamists and the same would be used against it. It is for this reason the radical communists are losing their relevance while the radical islamists are gaining increasing support.

The government of India should get its lessons right from the armed forced that the time is fast running out and two generations have passed and there is no sight of peace. Recent pictures where seemingly educated youth are indulging the holy Islamic stone pelting activity is very disturbing. The state governments should be alerted to ensure peace in radical Islamic dominated locations all over India and the Operation CleanUp Kashmir has to be taken quickly. The fear of violence in some parts of the country of the country is always present but as explained earlier, the radical islamists would indulge in violence for no reason and should be considered as part of the cleanup process. Thousands die in road accidents even for no fault of theirs and when a clean up action happens, there everyone could be more sure of peaceful future. There is no time to waste and should be no more Jizya tax for the radical Kashimiri Islamists.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter


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