February 18, 2019

Kashmir Kya Chahta – Azaadi!


Just read one desperate ‘address to nation’ by someone whose misplaced sense of self-importance appears to be clouding his judgement and memory. The latter could be failing as he is cruising the eighth decade of his life, no doubt, extended by the excellent medical care that Indian taxpayers have provided him with, all these years!

The press release portrays a frustrated individual reduced to coaxing, begging and plain threatening the very people he claims to lead! It is clear as daylight that the only local stooge in Kashmir is this Hurriyat Hawk and his collaborating puppets of our enemy state – a state that was carved out of India to supposedly house the pure but that has since turned out to be so Napaq in its thoughts,words and deeds that the very name is now used as a slur across the globe! If this is the future they wish for the valley, then they are on the right track to get run over!

The dying embers of, what these rogues funnily refer to as, ‘the freedom struggle’ have rattled these imposters enough to clutch at the straws. Repeatedly claiming that theirs is a non-violent movement, does not make it one! Vainglorious pronouncements comparing themselves with Gandhi and the latest Don Quixote vision about a kill-list  are simply the Deg calling the Samovar black! Quite ironic to see them projecting their own sins onto our valiant faces. The forces who unflinchingly protect them even in the face of their sick anti-India exhortations. The forces who ensure that the valley does not go up in flames and that civilians are protected from these hounds baying for innocent blood. And the very same forces who extend medical aid to the locals, take schools kids on educational tours and provide assistance during floods, only to be vilified later!

How they wish to conveniently whitewash their past filled with gory details of walls plastered with posters and handbills asking all Kashmiris to strictly follow the Islamic dress code, prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks and imposing a ban on video parlours and cinemas! Where masked men with Kalashnikovs forced people to re-set their watches and clocks to Pakistan Standard Time or face death! Where people were advised to start keeping Pakistani currency with them as Azadi was round the corner! Where Kashmiri Pandit men were forced to lead processions to be the first line of defence against any casualties! Where notices were pasted on the doors of Pandit houses, peremptorily asking the occupants to leave Kashmir within 24 hours or face death and worse! Where shops, business establishments and homes of Kashmiri Pandits were marked out for loot and arson! Where Kashmiri Pandits, the original inhabitants of the valley with a recorded cultural and civilisational history dating back 5,000 years, were subject to sustained torture such as through strangulation by steel wires, hanging, impaling, branding with hot iron, burning alive, lynching, gouging of eyes while still alive, drowning, slicing, dismemberment of limbs, dragging to death, draining of blood, putting burning cigarette against the victims’ bare flesh, pouring boiling wax on highly sensitive body parts, driving nails into the foreheads, chopping off tongues, cutting off or opening up genitals, private parts and breasts of women after their gang rape,sawing them into two and in many cases, slaughtering the victim. [1] [2] [3]

The so called freedom fighters are frustrated and understandably so, as nothing is nuanced anymore! The sheen and veneer of sacrifice, these evil men and women, cloaked themselves in, during the last 27 years, has worn off in one stroke! The entire world (now) knows that they thrive on the corpses of innocent Kashmiris and shamelessly enjoy perks off Indian taxpayers! The world has realised that they have no compunction in sending young kids out to pelt stones (in exchange for money to their poor parents) even as their kith and kin enjoy the most luxurious lives across the globe. Their claims about support to their movement from across the world is so outrightly silly that one cannot but laugh! How they wish the world gets amnesia and their genocide targeted at the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from the valley gets obliterated from History! Their comical allusion to some imaginary fascist Hindu forces is getting called out now, for, despite their concerted efforts,the Kashmiri Pandit community is still not extinct. The community whose members somehow escaped alive, only to have lived the horrifying seventh Kashmiri Pandit Exodus physically, mentally and emotionally with enough scars on their psyche to last a lifetime! It is these members who have made it a mission to call these evil-doers’ bluff and that is why you see them trying to discredit the  Pandit community through overt and covert means!

It is amusing to see Abdullahs, Muftis and Lones being categorised into one group by these rabid, radicalising, fundamentalists who have even killed their own people for talking or trying to broker peace. One wonders if they could so easily do away with their own comrades, would they ever shy away from selling Kashmir and Kashmiris at the behest of their political masters! One of these Jihadis is the murderer of four Indian Air Force personnel, including Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna and has no qualms about sermoning even as he travels across the world at Indian taxpayers’ expense. Their evil actions in the past did not get them serious repercussions and that is why they are emboldened to send out such pompous missives as the recent one.[4] [5] [6] [7]

What they fail to realise is that the relationship between Kashmir and India is centuries-old and pre-dates those ancestors of theirs who accepted the religion of peace either under duress or for voluntary gains. This is the year 2016 and true followers of peace across the globe are disowning radicalisation.They  cannot fool the world by calling their naked quest for establishing Sharia rule in Kashmir as the aspiration of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. How dare they include anyone other than the handful of people, from few districts of the valley who they have left with no option, in their anti-national charade! Jammu and Ladakh abhors these  traitors and rightly so!

Now that their money, threats and sentimental gibberish have all stopped working, it is their relevance and survival that are at stake. Government employees might stay indoors and inadvertently end up supporting them, for, their salary is assured. But why should businesses stay closed and shops stay shuttered? Why should labourers, masons, transporters, shikarawallas, ponywallas, carpenters, weavers and others not be busy in earning their livelihood, securing their future? Why should these leaders get to live lavish lives while the masses languish in poverty? They are now openly threatening the brave officers of Jammu and Kashmir Police which points at their complicity in the incident where a Jammu and Kashmir Police officer who was thrown into the Jhelum. These Jihadis have ruined Kashmir and what is left of its economy.They seem hellbent on on reducing the once booming valley to the same state as that part of Jammu and Kashmir which is forcibly occupied by our enemy state.

The separatists are now playing victim, claiming negative media portrayal. But this is as far from truth as Hurriyat is from peace! In the last 27 years, Indian Mainstream media has largely been romanticising the Jihadi movement and, in some instances, acting as the public relations cell of these terrorists. There is hardly any media house that has talked about the slogans raised by these fundamentalists. The slogans that would leave nobody in doubt as to the nature of the movement. Naara-e-taqbeer, Allah ho Akbar(Shout out loud. Allah is Great),Ely Zalimo, eiy Kafiro, Kashmir harmara chod do (O! Merciless, O! Kafirs leave our Kashmir),Assi gauche panu’nuyPakistan, Bataw rostuy,Batneiw saan (We want our own Pakistan without Kashmiri Pandit men, with  Kashmiri Pandit women), Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O-Akbar kehna hai (If you want to stay in Kashmir, you have to say Allah-O-Akbar/ convert to Islam), Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa (What will work here ? Rule of Shariah); La Sharqia la gharbia, Islamia! Islamia (From East to West, there will be only Islam), Musalmano jago, Kafiro bhago (O! Muslims, Arise, O! Kafirs, scoot) , Islam hamara maqsad hai, Quran hamara dastur hai, Jehad hamara Rasta hai(Islam is our objective, Q’uran is our constitution, Jehad is our way of our life), Azadi ka matlab kya – La ilaha illalha (What is the meaning of Independence? There is no one  worthy of worship but Allah Alone), Dil mein rakho Allah ka khauf; Hath mein rakho Kalashnikov (With fear of Allah ruling your hearts,wield a Kalashnikov) – are some of the  slogans for Freedom that were raised but the nation was never informed about it. [1] [2] For 27 years, the government of India has managed to live in denial and parroted the tripe phrase of Insaniyat,Jamoohriyat, Kashmiriyat . Even if one were to ignore the heart-rending account of the innumerable killings of innocent Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs, and (Nationalist) Muslims, these slogans should have been enough to move a nation to empathy and change viz., its Kashmir Policy. But that never happened, thanks to the Media which has continued to peddle the Jihadi narrative to such an extent that a Terrorist was recently overwhelmed into thanking one of these journalists publicly! What more proof does one need to show how the Indian media has been covering up their sins, so far. What is hurting these faux freedom fighters is the sudden lack of control on the media narrative as their favourite channels are no longer generating eyeballs. [8] [9]

The truth is that common Kashmiris yearn for peace and the chance for a normal life. Separatists’ lies about everyone wanting Azadi (which actually means an Islamic state) are coming undone as this is no longer the 90s. Gone are the days when they could get away with painting the seventh Kashmiri Pandit exodus as Jagmohan ki sazish! Their back is broken and this latest press release is nothing but a whimpering old man bemoaning a lost cause. This man has no compassion for ordinary Kashmiris who are sick and tired of him and call him names. They question his credentials to act as their sargana and sarparast? They cannot remember when he and his henchmen got elected as their leaders! They wonder that if he is such a powerful, popular leader of the masses, why is he never out in the streets of Srinagar without security! They detest his pretence of ruling their minds and hearts and count days as to the end of coercion by Mullahs and compulsion of  Moolah! While the world might be misled into believing that the place is under siege, people know how things work there. Marriages and other celebrations continue unabated even as people work according to a time-table for everything, right from hartal to grocery shopping.

The youth of Kashmir wants education, employment, progress and access to the kind of life it aspires for. On the contrary, children of separatists have always had a life of comfort! The youngsters from the valley are willing to learn, grow, explore and utilise their talent to eke out a life of dignity and comfort. Their talent is not in stone pelting! Shaken by the current Government’s stance (still not considered strong by the rest of India), these fake leaders have  once again started their blackmailing tactics to divert attention from the fact that people are disenchanted by them and their self-serving movement.

It would be prudent if these Azadi Jihadis stop this farce before the movement start imploding. It may well happen that the very same people, who they have forced into toeing their line, upon finding an entire nation supporting them in their quest for peace, finally find their voice and shout out aloud what the really want – Azaadi from Gurbat , from Jahalat and (most importantly) from Hurriyat!

Picture Credit:  zeenews.india.com


Article by Dimple Kaul (@dimple_kaul) is a citizen of the free world who believes in living and letting live and loves her nation unabashedly. She does not have a preferred form or style of writing and uses poetry and/or prose based on what she wants to communicate. Some of her work is available atwww.dimplehere.com (https://www.facebook.com/dimpleherelive)


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