May 24, 2019

Kathua was due to Nagaon

If only we go the Islamic victim hood game of blaming others for everything, then the Hindus should tell with straight face that Kathua rape was revenge for Nagaon. It might also be due to a revenge for the hundreds of rapes that have been committed by Muslims on Hindus. But no Hindu would ever say so nor would any Hindu give such pathetic excuses because there does not exist such teachings in Hinduism. The truth of kathua and Nagaon would come out in due course time but Hindus will get mentally abused in every possible way.

Coming to the Unnao, the courts should decide the matter because in the days of dalit movement towards the BJP anything can happen and the anti-BJP forces can go any extent. The anti-BJP forces are basically anti-Human forces who have even roasted 59 Hindus in a train bogie to win elections and they did it in a grand manner. The sacrifice of the 59 Hindus was the price that was extracted by the anti-Hindu forces and the blame was easily put on the 1992 illegal structure destruction.

The Muslims do not think twice before indulging in violence based on an event that has happened in some corner of the world because their core religious doctrine has sanction for violence on non-muslims. If there is no such sanction, then we would have heard fatwas from the mullahs that violence against non-Muslims is haram but till date there is no such fatwa. On the other hand, the spiritual leaders of various Hindu sects keep peddling “All religions are same” while the followers are facing the brunt of the bigotry of all other religions which are not compatible with Hindus in their current form.

The question that continues to irritate the minds of ordinary Hindus is the nature of the media which gives undue importance to the Muslims and Christians but treats Hindus and other Indic religions as garbage. This treatment is milked by the anti-Hindu forces to abuse the Hindus to the fullest extent and the trend continues in every aspect of public life. We see bigoted Muslim and Christian ideologues questioning Hindus over every real and fake issue but the reverse questioning never happens.

The crimes of common Hindus are pinned on BJP and the crimes of Muslims and Christians are pinned on India and the clever trick has always succeeded. The lame Hindus who are happy to get abused one way or other keep indulging the media terrorists by continued viewership either in print or other forms. The alleged Hindu government is happy to pay the media terrorists to abuse the Hindus in more innovative ways.

The Hindu-phobic BJP is running like a headless chicken when it was supposed to address the concerns of the 80%  of the population in matters of security and justice. The Hindu-phobic BJP finds comfort in appeasing the anti-Hindus in the hope of getting some extra votes which would be lost because Hindus get upset. With absolute zero chance of Hindus uniting in the current scenario, the abuse of Hindus in physical and mental senses continues till the end of times until there is no Hindu left.

But in spite of facing existential crises, not one Hindu would commit a crime as revenge but in the world we live today there is no guarantee that world treats a person gently because of his good behavior. The Hindus should start speaking in plain words without worrying about political correctness. A rape or a crime is a crime whether it happens in Jammu & Kashmir, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, West Bengal, in a church, in a mosque or in a temple. Hindus should develop thick skin and stand united.

The world might forget, but KARMA does not.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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