April 24, 2019

Kejriwal -DEAD End???

Anna Hazare’s damning indictment non-withstanding, it’s too early to write off the AAP. The events of the recent past clearly indicate that something very wrong is happening to them. At a time when their hopes are pinned on Punjab elections, a series of setbacks and scandals seem to have taken a toll on their electoral prospects there.

The halo of ‘ Holier than thou’ seems to have vanished. The harbinger of change hasn’t been able to herald a change, instead, as some rivals claim, it has changed into a ‘Aam Party’, a party without any substantial difference, a party with substantial internal differences and a leadership with substantial indifference.

The phase when people sympathised with Kejriwal believing his repeated allegation that the Central Govt is hindering his functioning is slowly loosing traction.
Condemning MODI at the drop of a hat, accusing the LG as a stooge of central govt and foisting blame on Delhi police for not toeing his line, have all reached a point of saturation with Delhi’its.  They are fedup with his Media performances, they now want administrative performance from him.

But, Delhit’s don’t realise that, for Kejriwal, Delhi was just a launchpad for his ambitious foray into National politics. He is eying 2019 eagerly and is working towards positioning himself as a credible alternative to MODI. Delhi be damned.

Therefore, there is a pattern to his ‘MODI this, MODI that’ rant, the objective is to draw media attention to him. By consistently remaining in the spotlight he  has smartly marketed himself as a national leader.

With a defunct Congress and a mish-mash of Regional parties unable to project a challenger who could breach the MODI wall, a puny man with 38 inch chest, a muffler and an innocuous cough has filled the void, that of a credible alternative, and is poised to take on the might of a Man with 56 inch chest.

This ‘Tez Dimag wala’ , in Anna’s words, is a brainy strategist, he has manipulated the media to his advantage and has made his presence felt across India. In a short span of three years the kind of recognition and support he enjoys is enviable.

But it’s a political masterstroke by BJP, by giving an impression that they have conceded considerable ground to Kejriwal, they have manoeuvred him into a seat that was rightfully Rahul Gandhi’s. In effect they have successfully created a national alternative to Congress, an alternative that can only split congress & Regional votes.

Kejriwal has grabbed every opportunity that came his way,  the Anti corruption crusade, Delhi elections and the general elections, and has gained the most out of them.

In his hurry to win the game of ‘Snakes and ladders’ , he has climbed every ladder with alacrity and so far has had the fortitude of avoiding the Snakes.

But the biggest ladder of the game is the ladder of good Administration and Good governance, without scaling this ladder, which he should have by now, he has little or no chance of winning the political game. Also, the lurking snake of Sycophancy, Greed, dereliction of mandated duties could put paid to his ambitions.

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