January 16, 2019

Kejriwal’s Bengaluru Escapade

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Yugpurush’s love for Bengaluru is well known for medical reasons. Kejriwal graced Bengaluru with his presence in January this year for Naturopathy treatment. Naturopathy was followed by Vipassana in Himachal Pradesh.

Not so surprisingly when AAP is embroiled in Sandeep Kumar’s modus operandi of Women Empowerment, the timing for Throat Surgery could not have been more appropriate. Yugpurush will make full use of his throat power in addressing rallies in Punjab before coming down for throat surgery in Bengaluru.

AAP claims to have  improved healthcare infrastructure in Delhi. World standard Mohalla Clinics have been cited numerous times. What Delhi needs is more Mohalla Hospitals where atleast a throat surgery could be done for His Honesty Kejriwal. Medical tourism to Karnataka could be avoided.

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