April 26, 2019

Kerala to Kashmir- SIMI’s recruitment plot unearthed

imageThe investigations being conducted into the 2008 Bengaluru serial blasts has thrown up several details which include a major training programme that was conducted by the SIMI to recruit youth into the Kashmir battle. The details that emerged following the questioning of K A Anoop, an operative from Kerala who was deported from the UAE suggests that the SIMI had been attempting to send youth to Kashmir.
Anoop revealed that the former Kerala SIMI president, K P Sabeer currently living in Peshawar had recruited youth from Kerala and sent them to Kashmir. It may be recalled that five youth from Kerala had been killed in an encounter with security forces in Kashmir in 2008.
Sabeer who currently lives in Peshawar had recruited five youth, Fayaz, Yasin, Jabbar, Fayis and Abdul Rahim. The five youth from Kerala were planted in Kashmir in 2008. This was the first time that non-Kashmiri youth were found in the battle in the Valley.
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