May 20, 2019

Khatiya Khadi in UP

If someone thought that Emergency was peak of suppressing the voice of the citizens then they were badly mistaken. With private news channels coming into the picture the scene went from bad to worse. Painting a elected CM as criminal and mass murderer to ………. the bubble had to burst one day.

Not only did they tried unsuccessfully to paint MODI in bad light but in the bargain they pitched two communities face to face. Money is always the driving force and financially weak citizens become victim of Hate Politics. The language of the politicians is worst than the uneducated people. In fact, ones who are uneducated are fully cultured and know the limits.

Akhilesh talking about Donkeys and Rahul talking about Masti of Modi. What were they up to? The frustration is fine but why loose mental balance? And being a female Mayawati talking ill about a daughter. The verbal abuse crossed all levels of decency. Hats off to the citizens of UP who waited patiently and replied with full force. Worst, they have still not learned the lesson and good for BJP and Nation, this will help in 2019. From 282 to 400, where will the citizens take. Even Amit Shah will not have any clue.




Situation in UP just can’t be tagged as law and order situation. It was ruthless crushing of law abiding citizens. Muslim appeasement reached it’s peak and no less than a invasion. Media played the role of adding fuel to fire by suppressing facts and unsuccessfully sold the Yadav couple as messaih of UP and PM in waiting of the coalition government in 2019.


Citizens are not interested in appeasement. Enough of drama. Reality is difficult to digest by such politicians.


fatwa IMG-20170222-WA0030     


Rahul and his family needs to read Janmapatri. Look how many seats they shall get in 2019, look how fast the National Herald case and other cases will proceed and end. Azam Khan needs to be really careful with his buffalo. This time not even constable will help him find. Entire police force now on will be busy doing what they are supposed to.


Rahul bhaiyaa needs to forget about coconut juice. He should focus on buying a made in Aligarh lock and keep it ready for 2019 election results date. Until then he can request Railway Minister for help. He is one of the ministers who would not let him down. Suresh Prabhu would be more than happy to see Rahul carrying made in Amethi water to his vacation across the globe.


Yadav family should go to Kashmir or call Farooq to Saifai and think repercussions of a thumping majority of BJP in 2019. The brainstorming sessions may help in knowing the benefits of Making India instead of Breaking India.





The best of the agency will fail and no amount of paid media support works when the masses use their finger to vote. This is a movement started in 2014 and will continue till the cleaning is not over. Kraantikari… bahut hi krantikaari.


u tubeIMG-20161231-WA0010IMG-20170222-WA0028 IMG-20170222-WA0029IMG-20170222-WA0030 IMG-20170222-WA0031 IMG-20170222-WA0032 IMG-20170222-WA0033


Yadavs and Fake Gandhis forgot time never remains the same. Soon trusted army of paid media will also abandon them. Voters of UP have rewarded themselves and paid huge dividend to our PM Modi. This will help him further improve the state and life style of the law abiding citizens. Lotus is not new to UP it was part of the first revolt.

Lotus is back with a big bang.


Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, WhatsApp. Thanks to all.



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