February 18, 2019

Khoon Ki Dalali

Journey of Khoon

Rahul Gandhi is at his best most of the time in terms of jokes he creates for the simple reason he has poor general knowledge. Then he keeps competing with the News Traders for misleading news. Endless lies he has spoken. Even ChitraGuptaji would have lost count and Modi Digital India would not like to waste money on developing any app to check his lies.

From Maut ka Saudagar to Khoon ki Holi. Journey of Khoon.

One thing that is un acceptable is serious blame gaming. KHOON KI DALALI

Dalali is a cheap word used in many business terms. He is too close to even making allegations one day on that front too. (If you guessed it fine. Else forget it).

A quick whiff from the past. Let us revisit Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul. 

When a big tree falls, earth shakes: Former PM Rajiv Gandhi

‘Maut ka saudagar’ is apt description of Narendra Modi: Congress


Rahul Gandhi said that if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister there would be a massacre of 22,000 people.


And now KHOON KI Dalali. He has to realize that citizens are not fools. What started as Khat pe Charcha has in reality become KHATIYA KHADI. No matter what Prashant Kishor does nothing will work. He had his fair amount of success, courtesy infighting in BJP. This time around even infighting within BJP will not work in congress favor.

I would say Dear Rahul for me you are no less than Michael Schumacher. You are a bigger performer than him and even Modi. You are breaking your own record. You never let us down.

The NATION is really thankful to him. Score stands at 44 and with his kind support we should target 04 for 2019.

Mood of the Nation is with MODI.

Picture and News Link Credit: www.youtube.com, Indian Express, ABP News.


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