April 24, 2019


Bofors Returns.

With 2019 not far away and not much achieved by BJP government in terms of A to Z scams, here is the opportunity for NaMo lead government to tell the loyal voters that it means business while dealing with A to Z scams. Too much of vacuum is left from the day the government came to power. Congress with just 44 behaves as if they are in power.

Though not a follower of Arnab but the way he has compelled Times Now to come out in open and talk is much appreciated. Some other news channels have shown the same guts but without consistency.

Why it is do or die for BJP?

Have seen active interest of NaMo in pushing Demetization and GST. The same conviction has to be seen in dealing with A to Z scams. Loyal voters of BJP will ignore and never expect anything from Arvind Kejriwal but they have high expectation from MODI. The no nonsense man has to put this on fast track court and do whatever possible in his capacity. BJP spokesperson was seen helpless on REPUBLIC when he was answering Arnab “Legal procedure will be followed…”. We have seen legal procedure on Robert Vadra as well. Too much is revolving on Sachin Tendulkar of Politics Dr Swamy. One man army has it’s limitation. Now is the time that BJP uses all possible resources under the law.

Humne Dekha Hum Dekh Rahey hain Hum Dekhengey… famous sentence of Rajiv Gandhi.

Most congressi are of the view that Rajiv is no more so what is the use of reopening the files. Well, the money is not gone and the same money must have multiplied many times. Where is it?

Open the pandora box. Time to say KHULJA SIM SIM.

Picture Credit: Republic


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