May 20, 2019

Killers of Soldiers

A soldier is sanctioned to pick up a weapon and is provided the right to shoot to kill. Apart from the soldier the police man is given the right to use force when necessary and there is no other arm of the constitution that has been provided such a right. If an ordinary citizen picks a tool or uses himself to harm another living or non living entity the person can be booked under various sections of the law. But the law with its flexible arms has been giving an escape for too many people for want of evidence and at times due to shoddy investigation conducted by vested interests.

The people sanctioned to use weapons are duly trained and the system exists with enough checks and balances to ensure that the weapons are used in right context. The trigger happy personnel should be dealt in the manner which should be outside the purview of the regular courts. The courts of India have been too lenient on all kinds of criminals. This statement needs to repeated over and over again because there are too many adjournments and there are too many judgments reserved for no reason but just on the whims and fancies of the rich and powerful. The judicial bluff has to called out when they claim to be the preservers of the constitution.

If we remove both internal and external defenses and watch the events, there would be wide spread violence and attacks on the nation. If we remove the judiciary the nation exists and if we remove any other department of the nations the nation can survive. Thus it is more important to know who are preservers of the nation and hence the constitution. If the nation does not have its existence what use is of the constitution? The defense matters thus become the most important issue and the personnel involved should be treated differently than the regulars.

The defense forces are not the most sacrosanct but the rotten ones among the forces should be weeded by proper mechanism. Also the defense forces should ensure that both the internal and external enemies of the state are properly identified and eliminated after due discussions. It is here that the public attention becomes the most important. Any group of citizens who act against the constitution for want of some rights cannot pick up weapons. Once a group picks up any weapons be it guns or stones should be dealt in the same manner. The rights of the groups should be stripped. They should be immediately declared enemies of the state. The protest can only be peaceful as the urban naxalites tell us that Gandhi got us freedom with the use of nonviolence.

When the urban naxalites want us to believe this statement why else they would support the naxalites with guns. This is the second bluff that has to be called out. The government has done well to pass the Enemy property bill and it is time the government also passes the Soldier Killer bill. This bill should contain the following points:

  • The process for identification and profiling the groups of citizens and individuals who go after the citizens and Soldiers in particular. Once identification process is done, the aggressor should be given no second chances. This identification can happen at either the central or state assemblies and the people should know which politician is on which side.
  • The aggressor group or individual should lose all his right and be declared enemy of the state and with the kind of financial tracking we have now a days it becomes possible to find out his supporters. The supporters should be declared enemies of the state and be given lesser punishment.
  • The military courts should deal with such cases of enemies of state as they are the ones who are the custodians of the enemies of the state and not the civil or criminal courts. The family members should have no say in the proceedings and no chance be provided for the media drama of the aggressor families. For too long we have seen the drama of the aggressors but our tears dry up when it comes to the soldiers.
  • Any media or intellectual who goes to great lengths to give a different picture should also be taken to task and be punished. The only action the media should deliver is to tell the defense forces point of view once a group is identified as an enemy of the state.
  • The one single chance that is provided to the aggressors is after the declaration as the enemy of the state. The list, names, photos etc should be widely circulated so that everyone knows the criminals in the eyes of the government is. The concerned person or his family can put the facts in front of the military courts for quick disposal of the cases and no FCRA NGOs be allowed anywhere near the aggressor groups.

The discussions in the state legislatures and parliament is important because the politicians will think twice before taking sides and the citizens too will know what their leaders are doing. The government would be forced to take strong actions against the enemies of the state and their supporters. India is not at peace with its external neighbors nor with a few of its citizens. The external neighbors are not within our control, but the internal trouble makers can be controlled and should be controlled by the use of the same constitution by making proper amendments.

The failure of our constitution makers is their inability to tell who are not covered under the constitution of India. The citizenship act does and knowing the violent history of India, it is a big mistake that has happened and it is high time to correct. People might think that we are going towards becoming a police state. When we donot have any shame when our soldiers are killed, we should have no worries when government appointed defense forces are given a little additional powers to deal with enemies of the state. For all the regular citizens the rights are fully guaranteed by the constitution. The courts have failed massively by tying the hands of our defense forces in discharging their duty because they think high about themselves and have least concern about the citizens of nation.

The next elections should be fought on the lines who support violence against citizens and who supports the nation.  In this scenario the liberal outrage would be to declare gau rakshaks as terrorists. But there is a constitutional guarantee to the gau rakshaks because the directive principles say that the cattle have to be protected. Since the state has failed in its duty, individuals have stepped in. But the naxals, stone pelters are not doing anything that is part of the constitution. The people in the naxal belt have been fooled by their respective politicians and the so called NGOs could take the political and government servants to courts for failing in their duties. But once anyone indulges in violence then he is enemy of state. The day the government ensures the safety of property which also includes the cows there would be no need of any gau rakshaks. But can the same be said of terrorists of different kinds.

It is no point to call anyone anti-national when a large section of people are not clear what nationalism, patriotism means. This confusion appears because we have not distinguished who is part of the nation and who are not. The nation should have its identity, its leaders, its personalities clearly defined. In our country for some the murderer Aurangazeb is a hero while Shivaji is a criminal. For some Bhagat Singh is a hero and for others Afzal guru is a hero. For some Maculay is a hero for others Abdul Kalam is. The difference is extreme and who is hero for one group is a villain for other. This is not religion specific but it the biggest fault in our narrative. Until we correct the narrative and seize the control of information dissemination from the hands of the non-believers of constitution, namely communists and the urban naxalites, generations would get brainwashed.

The current dispensation has been doing too many good things on several fronts but some hidden pressure are exerted which makes the government go full extent. One thing that I assume is the energy sapping exercise of going after the anti-constitutional groups. Modi has Gujarat CM has spent a lot of his energy and kept himself going on his job after he did something for the good of the state. But going after the dearest naxals and terrorists might be a too big a task without proper backing from his own team. Even though people voted for Modi, everything cannot be achieved by one man how so ever great he might be. Modi has done enough that an individual could do, but there is nothing wrong in expecting more from him.

Till the nation finds a much straight forward patriotic, we cannot hope that there would not be any more Killings of Soldiers. Even though it is a sad situation little can be done by individuals except from spreading the knowledge about the killers of Soldiers and building the opinion of people and making them ready to support parties. Killers of Soldiers should not be supported by any citizen and everyone should put his part in exposing the Killers of Soldiers and their supporters.

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