May 23, 2019

Killing fields of Kerala

The Communists who were ‘King Makers’  just a decade ago suddenly find that they have no takers in the political arena. The political space for communism has shrunk drastically, they have now lost relevance in states where they were a force to reckon with – except in the state of KERALA.

The beauty of ‘God’s own Country’ has a harsh underbelly to it, the ungodly face of god’s own country is evident for all to see. The blatancy of the killers of the killing fields of Kerala is worrisome and underscores the lawlessness that has gripped the state . The state’s inaction is slowly but firmly putting Kerala on the path to becoming another state like West Bengal.

The Communists and the minorities are on the same page on the issue of ‘Right wing resurgence’ , they want to combat the rising popularity of the RSS & BJP by resorting to violence.

The Communists are a decimated lot in West Bengal, not just that, soon they may lose the position of a credible alternative to the BJP.

The TMC has morphed itself into what the communists were in their heydays – ‘violent enforcers of their rule ‘ .

Mamata is a step ahead of the communists , she has tactfully weaved appeasement of Muslims into the fabric of Bengal politics to keep her vote bank intact and buffer herself from from the huge inroads that BJP has made in Bengal .

As if to take a cue from Mamta, the communists in Kerala have chosen to adopt ‘Appeasement’ as a primary weapon to counter the rising strength of BJP in the state of Kerala.

The policy of appeasement has empowered the goons to run amok , the dastardly killings of Hindus isn’t an isolated crime, it’s a organised crime committed by people who have the backing of the politicians and clearly the minorities are complicit.

For Punariyan Vijayan the writing on the wall is clear , the heady potion of a deadly mixture of politics & Religion may serve his purpose of short term political gain but Kerala could end-up like Bengal in the long run.

Kerala or Bengal is not Kashmir.  Killings cannot curate a political narrative and killings cannot be a tool to suppress and subjugate an alternate narrative.

The unrest in Kashmir is because the Hindus are a helpless minority there whereas in Kerala they are a responsible majority – The killings erode the responsibility bit by bit, day but day and the results could be disastrous for ‘God’s Own Country’.

Picture Credit: Asianet Newsable 


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