April 19, 2019

Anshu Gupta, Shikha Uberoi contribute to the creation of the first Action Agenda for Change 2020 at the Changemakers’ Room 2016 October 3rd – 9th, 2016, Bengaluru, India

Pre Event Press Release

Anshu Gupta, Sunitha Krishnan, Shikha Uberoi contribute to the creation of the first                                              Action Agenda for Change 2020 at the Changemakers’ Room 2016                                                       October 3rd ­ 9th, 2016, Bengaluru, India

Bengaluru, Karnataka: From October 3rd to 9th 2016, Bengaluru will be a hub for the world’s  most aspiring minds as they collaborate to create the Action Agenda for Change 2020 at the Changemakers’ Room 2016, an initiative of Make Room India.Changemakers’ Room 2016 is a week­long international training forum bringing together change agents from over 15 countries and 30+ organisations!

The world’s most pressing problems transcend national borders, calling for collective community oriented action and international cooperation. Organised at the Green Path Eco Hotel, over 7 days leading entrepreneurs, educators and grassroots practitioners join hands to work on identifying social issues, creating sustainable solutions and launching the Action Agenda for Change 2020, mapping the way forward in executing innovative social change solutions.

Action Agenda for Change 2020 (AAC2020) raises awareness of the issues affecting communities worldwide and serves as a commitment by changemakers to execute sustainable solutions over the next 4 years. The Action Agenda for Change 2020 developed by Make Room India in collaboration with Ashoka India, Teach for India, The/Nudge Foundation, Piramal School of Leadership, Make A Difference, Goonj, Work in Progress (Italy), Healthabitat (Australia), Ycenter (USA, India, Africa), Sayfty (USA) and many other major players of the development space will build solutions within health, inequality, climate and education sectors.

Visionaries and speakers at the Forum include Founder ­ Goonj & Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, Anshu Gupta; Founder ­ Prajwala, Sunitha Krishnan; Ashoka India Leader, Sunish Jauhari; American Indian professional tennis player & co­founder Indi.com, Shikha Uberoi and many other extraordinary personalities.

“To solve the world’s most pressing problems, collaboration among people, nations, political and economic unions are paramount. Connecting the world is no longer a choice, but an imperative. With social change movements being advocated at a global scale, an ecosystem, where ideas turn into action, intent becomes impact and innovators and change­makers are connected is crucial. That’s precisely what the Changemakers’ Room 2016 is all about.” said Mr. Miks C­ Kellman, Chair, Changemakers’ Room 2016.

With more than 700 applications from across the globe, 50 people were carefully screened and selected to participate at the Training and become Action Agenda for Change 2020 Ambassadors. Changemakers come from diverse backgrounds, but all share a common vision and passion to drive positive social change within local communities. Among the selected changemakers are college professors, health workers, social entrepreneurs, grassroots practitioners, politicians, artists and students.

In collaboration with Ycenter, Changemakers’ Room will train on Human Centered Design Thinking approach and with partners like SELCO Foundation, Teach for India, Make A Difference and The/Nudge Foundation, changemakers will engage with local communities to test and build innovative solutions at the bottom of the pyramid. Exchange of best practices, rich discussions with industry professionals will enhance the experience of the changemakers and add value to the Action Agenda for Change 2020.

“We realize that present day problems cannot be solved in silo and requires collaboration between people across disciplines and sectors. As an ecosystem for change­makers, we are committed to be the space for collective innovations across boundaries”, said Mr Pranav Hebbar, Managing Trustee & Co­founder, Make Room India.

About Make Room India:

Make Room India is an Indian­European ecosystem, where young leaders build innovative solutions; change­makers accelerate their goals by open dialogue and exchange of good practices; sustainable solutions are advocated for social change. For more information, please visit www.makeroomindia.com

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