April 21, 2019

Korean Brinkmanship

Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ threat did little to deter the North Koreans. The threat of sanctions fell on deaf ears. Repeated warnings by the Americans only goaded the Korean Dictator to ratchet-up his provocations.

By testing a fusion nuclear device, North Korea crossed the proverbial red line. Today’s missile launch, a successful one at that, will pour more misery on a badgered American President. Trump’s tryst with walls seems never-ending, the insurmountable Chinese wall, un-erectable Mexican wall and now the fiery Korean wall have stonewalled American coercive diplomacy rekindling memories of Cold War.

The world has had its share of cold-blooded leaders who have killed and plundered, but never has the world witnessed a scenario where a highly irresponsible Leader has in his possession an array of highly destructive weapons and has openly threatened to unleash them.

The ‘Bay of Pigs’ posed the gravest threat to the Americans at the height of Cold War era. A repeat is in the works , only this time it’s a spoilt ‘Fat Pig’ – words borrowed from Americans – who has challenged America and has vowed annihilation if attacked. Sanity prevailed then, but will it prevail now?

Some defence analysts opine that Korea may not have mastered the technology to mate a nuclear device to an ICBM, but guesswork at this stage is perilous. What’s happening in the secretive and reclusive North Korean state and what’s on the mind of its supreme Leader is a well kept secret, at best known only to the Chinese.

China cannot absolve itself of any wrongdoing because the world knows that the Korean kid is pampered by the Chinese and will do whatever is bid of him by China, because without Beijing’s aid and economic ties Pyongyang would have buckled under the weight of the UN Sanctions long ago.

The Dragon which holds the keys to a solution is wilfully allowing its lapdog, the Korean brat, to terrorise the world unmindful of the devastating fallout that could engulf the entire region including the Chinese mainland.

The World is on the threshold of a Nuclear War, it has reached a stage where mistaken blip on the radar could make either side reach for the plunger, plunging the World into darkness.

Picture Credit: Wiki, editing by Rishabh’s Lens

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