May 27, 2019

Learning from Kapil Sharma Episode

What Kapil Sharma has achieved in life is normal after years of hard work. I write normal on purpose as many just surrender to situation and ones who go and  fight against the odds and get successful is nothing new. So Kapil Sharma is just one more.

One area where he is different from others is becoming victim of his own success. One’s who become victim of own success are few. Success goes to head and then you feel that you are able to achieve everything possible in life something an ordinary citizen can’t.

There is no harm in thinking and doing so. But once you become a celebrity you are being watched and followed. Ideally Kapil should have shared the entire story instead of questioning PM on Achey Din.

When media runs the story you have a plenty to answer. BMC can be blamed for all the things one wishes but to not reveal the entire issue and questioning the PMO on Achchey Din is not in good taste and just shows arrogance of being heard just because of being successful.

kapil 1

I have no clue on who is right and wrong. It would have been great on part of Kapil Sharma to share complete information along with his tweet. Media has anyways published details.

Blessing in disguise

When ordinary citizens tweets the turn around time is not guaranteed.

On September 9, 2016 Kapil Sharma tweets at 5:53 AM to Shri Narendra Modi and at 9:24 AM CM of Maharashtra responds to his tweet. This is amazing turn around by all standards.

I have seen many tweets where Mumbaikars have followed up for months for electricity and toll at entry point in city but CM has no time to revert or acknowledge the same.

Imagine dozen of people writing to PM and CM for various help. How many get a hearing and how fast. Yes some success stories are published, which is fine what about the rest. I have read that it took little over 200 days for PMO to reply to a letter related to Olympian Shahan Kumari.

Salman Khan can meet PM, Shatrughan Sinha can meet PM with family but a ordinary citizen can’t. Let us accept the reality.

And latest is Kapil Sharma tweets and CM responds. No harm done. How many time have they responded to serious issues with same speed to common man?

Some friends may not agree and say see Mr. Prabhu and Mrs. Sushma Swaraj. If they have to be discussed then I would rate Mrs. Sushma Swaraj more as she has responded more to uncomfortable questions then anyone else. So let us leave the comparison part to some other article.

Digital India is good and it will be effective with online complaint at all level with clear escalation matrix, productivity chart of each department and individual officer.

Three excellent examples of Governance and use of technology are Jan Dhan Yojna, Passport service and LPG Cylinder booking.

So if a municipal department has to put approval of say Kapil Sharma renovation for want of some clarification, it should put the same online. Common man also indulges and tries to save time in such a situation. Saab Dekho na kuch agar ho sakta hai to…

Good governance will happen only when a transparent grievance redressal system is in place. Same has to be time bound and guilty to be punished as per department guidelines.

Take the typical way of a Passport application. Right from the time an application is submitted to the stage where passport is submitted to Speedpost for delivery, you keep receiving a SMS alert. Why can’t it happen in grievance?

Government department are responsible to deliver and ones in power are accountable to see to it that citizens are not put to inconvenience.

Citizens also have to make use of RTI and Ombudsman in all government department. This will make their case strong and a lesson to corrupt.

Picture Credit:, Pic from TOI


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