April 23, 2019

Lesson Taught. Swati Singh vs Mayawati

Rape Threat for an Abuse is a Serious Crime

Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

In an era of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, an abuse can’t be justified by threat to rape of a 12 year minor girl child.

Legislators have immunity from legal process which common man doesn’t. But when a law maker exceeds the limits their immunity should be dissolved with the same speed with which they had misused the freedom.

Last week PM Narendra Modi was in Uttar Pradesh to announce and inaugurate several projects important for the development of the region. Instead of talking about these much awaited initiatives, opposition and media preferred to talk on inappropriate statement of Daya Shankar Singh.

However, it was totally wrong comparison by him hence he was immediately removed by his party from all responsibilities. This matter was as important as any motor mouth politician and could have dealt accordingly. But Mayawati took is as a chance to reap her party ranks and made it a national issue. Right from the parliament she instigated her party workers to target the sister and daughter of Daya Shankar Singh – a very shameful call for any national leader like her.

Ironically, none of the  member in Parliament present objected or stopped her from doing so. Not even the presiding officer of the house stopped her from stooping to street level abusive language in the house. Responding to her instigation BSP workers took to the streets of Lucknow and
under leadership of senior party leader Nasimuddin Siddiqi they not only did the rampage but also abused Sister and minor daughter of Daya Shankar Singh. Nasimuddin was the first person seen raising  voice during this public abuse of the innocent women& minor girl child.

Sister and daughter of Daya Shankar Singh have same woman right and human right what Mayawati has. But in  a hurry of taking political mileage out of wrong statement, Mayawati and her party committed a crime. of threatening rape to minor girl child. When people criticized Nasimuddin and BSP party workers for this public abused and crimes, then only Mayawati and her party toned down their nonstop abuses. Despite all this, instead of condemning such acts of her party workers, Mayawati defended their act and blamed it on wrong interpretation.

Unlike BJP, BSP stood firmly with Mayawati, Nasimuddin and all those who abused family of Daya Shankar Singh. Other political parties and media only took note of this public abuse when the wife of Daya Shankar Singh, Mrs Swati Singh strongly protested against it. Swati Singh was forced to fight against abusive gang of BSP and Mayawati alone. State BJP unite came out in support of her only after Swati Singh strongly voiced her protests. Such condemnation and protests should have been done soon after Mayawati instigated in Parliament. If it was done then, the sad incident of public abuse and rape threats by Nasimuddin and BSP would not have taken place.

Our political correctness has dual standards? While abusive comparison of Daya Shankar Singh is matter of outrage but mass abuse, rampage and rape threats are silently ignored until the victims rise themselves. While BSP has a history of having abusive leaders including its founder,260703

 Mayawati and Nasimuddin and many more, it is time for us to hold everyone accountable for their crimes with same intensity of outrage for similar crimes. A fair and development oriented politics is possible when custodians of democracy in parliament are vigilant about it. The MPs and speaker/presiding officer must take appropriate action against Mayawati for instigation of violence, abuses and violations of women dignity in the parliament. Cases pertaining to such abuses and violence in politics should be dealt with utmost importance in order to provide cleaner politics. Though, court has rejected to dispose cases concerning politicians within fixed timeframe however, it is need of hour in context. The root cause of present controversy, the allegations of ticket selling on Mayawati should be taken into cognizance of elections commission and high courts. Malpractice of black-money in politics, selling and buying candidates must be checked for fairer election.

Main Steam Media also needs to be taken to task for naming community in each of their report as it suits them to bring in more TRP. As rightly pointed out by @ If a girl is raped; the pain is equal for brahmin, dalit, kshatriya or vaishya, y mention dalit?

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved. B. R. Ambedkar

Pic Credit: Wiki,@nisheetsharan for the press clipping about Late kanshiram rana’s  statement. feature photo from twitter thanks to the SM user who posted it on twitter.

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