May 19, 2019

Let Everyone Shine – #SayNo2Reservation

Provision of reservation for the first 10 years has been extended by successive governments and result is we havecompromised with the the quality and making mockery of Right to Equality and continue to do so even after 70 years. We have suffered more than our share of brain drain.

IMG-20170510-WA0054A majority of citizens are of the view that reservation should be on economic background and not based on any other consideration. This has taken a very heavy toll in the worst form. Be it entrance or promotion on jobs. If PM Modi is looking at a progressive India with our youth as major driving force then the competition has to be equal. We all pay taxes so why should some enjoy better scope despite poor performance. IMG-20170510-WA0055There is serious social problem right from schooling days. Some children are getting benefit and some are not. Name the state and it has this issue. Imagine what young minds go through and what they would become when they grow up.

If the government wants to support certain students from specific castes/backgrounds then please do so. But use scientific tools to improve their IQ. Enough of such modules are available. There are 7 D modules for Maths and Science. Learning is made simple and easy to understand. If the government is talking about Skill India and Digital India, then this is one priority area that the government should invest heavily and no one would object.


Accomodating the weaker is an important aspect of a just and equal society in a democracy but not at the cost of deserving ones. What the governments have been doing all through out is compromising with the quality. How can a Nation show it’s true potential when it’s talent is suppressed? How can a Nation progress when talent with low IQ is allowed to occupy profiles that they don’t deserve?

It’s a serious case of Human Rights violation.

Ones who are weaker by IQ should be given free education and everything that they deserve to improve. Spend money as much as possible but make it common for all weaker sections. The difficult question that typically the government should be answering is answered by the parents when the children realizes that they have one barrier to rise in life. Imagine the psychology of a student who looses an opportunity because of reservation. Picks up studies that he does not want to pursue. Gets into job that he doesn’t deserve.

The present system is an official process to tell the financially weaker that the you all stand in the race to win. But you would start 30 second after the reserved category. And just in case if you win even after that you stand to loose because you are from upper caste. 

IMG-20170510-WA0058Ones who still support reservation should give an undertaking that they would be treated only by doctors who have passed out from reserved category. Rest can follow. How many politicians are willing to do so? Let us ask all politician to sign such undertaking. It’s easy to pass law but difficult to be part of it.

If the government really means the message India First in spirit then Let the Talent Shine not the Hatred. Let everyone Shine. Let the Nation Shine.

Are we asking for too much? Let us start discussing this at least and find a way out. Are we waiting for one more bubble to form and burst. Why not take proactive action? If our PM takes credit to take the risk of rolling out most difficult Demonetisation (which he deserves and nation supports) then he needs to take one more risk without caring for the outcome. India’s YOUTH shall shine, India shall shine, weaker ones too shall shine with many fold attention to improve skills instead of just giving a profile as an outcome of RESERVATION.

We are not asking this to be removed overnight. Show us the plan / road map PRADHAN SEVAK JI.

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