May 21, 2019

Lets Agree to Disagree

Very rarely do we see a couple working in the same field and both reaching the top spot at the same time and one such rare couple is the Mighty Sardesai Duo. The field of excellence of this Duo is the fake news media and they had some DADDY who mentored and guided them in difficult times. The Duo has once allegedly claimed Dr.Kalam as Bomb Daddy and we can surely say that this Duo has some Media Daddy. The Media Daddy of this couple too had reached the top position in his area of work as he was allegedly involved in too many corrupt cases. When the seed for the career of Saredesai Duo has been corruption, we can be sure that corruption, dishonesty and all things wrong would be fruits of their career. Much to the surprise of everyone, the Sardesais have given the world much more than expectations.

 The Sardesai Duo is famous for asking the toughest question in their profession with an aim to get the truth and the person at the receiving end usually has a difficult time to control tears. The Duo move around meeting the muslim victims of riots and they ask tough questions to the victims in order to get the fake truth. The fake victims would usually breakdown letting fake tears because when Sardesai Duo go they meets the aggressors who claim to be victims. The decision of this dishonest couple is mainly dependent on the number of people killed in the riots and the caste and religious affiliation of the dead and not the seriousness of the issue at hand. The Sardesai Duo has a moral compass in which one end always points towards fake Muslim victimhood and the other end points to fake-Hindu aggression. This moral compass has been the patented invention of this Various Daddies and has been freely provided to all their children and is a highly guarded weapon and it never goes wrong.

When the Duo meet politicians very tough questions are asked by this Duo. When the politician is corrupt much to their liking they ask the toughest questions which bring tears to all the onlookers. All the viewers and onlookers would be LLRC and their tears would fill a few buckets. But when the Sardesai Duo sit with people whom they do not like their questioning can be bordering on verbal harassment and the Duo would not think twice to do justice to their viewers. The Lady Sardesai has even telecast a pre-recorded video and edited to show the video as a live telecast. If any human being had done such a treacherous act in their profession, he would have been kicked out of their job for ever but the dishonest Daddies of the media felt proud of such activities which helped the Sardesai Duo reach the pinnacle of media profession. The Sardesai Duo is the perfect example for the wife following the footsteps of her husband in the path of dishonesty.

The Sardesai Duo is a truth seeker and would go to any extent to get the truth to the public. The fake allegations against Sardesai Duo for hiding the information about MPs being paid money to vote in the parliament should not be believed. Anyone who works best in his field would alone get the Padma award and this Duo too one got one for their sincere work which should put to rest all the doubts about their intentions. There is nothing to say that the Sardesai Duo is not hard working because the couple allegedly made a modest bungalow for themselves with their hardly honest reporting. The legitimacy of their work comes from the fact they get to meet the top people of political arena where most of the personalities have the same corrupt roots. As with the other corrupt people of this profession, the hobnobbing with the top politicians would bring some immunity from the law. The Sardesai Duo is shielded, fed by the corrupt Daddies of the fake news media and they continue to get important positions. Even the corrupt activities of their employesr are pardoned by the common-man-harassing-government of India inspite of slicing and dicing of the financials by their employers. This Immunity from government is proved when the Sardesai Duo got Padma Award which is generally believed to be given to the top achievers in their fields.

Saredesai Duo are not all about dishonesty, corruption fake politican ambitions, riot mongering as alleged by several intolerant people of this nation. There a few fields where the Sardesai Duo has excelled and reached the pinnacle and a few are listed below:

  • Boxing: The allegedly cricket crazy nation has never patronized any other game or sport inspite of having towering personalities who were able to inspite several others to take up the game or spot to bring glory to the nation. The Sardesai Duo has single handed brought the attention of the Indians towards Boxing game with his extraordinary performance for a brief moment in a charity match. No other Sports personality has ever such a feat. The duo are good at both offense and defense as we all know the case of diplomatically beaten case of this Duo. Even Doval might have learnt the offensive-defense from this Duo.
  • Launching: Sardesai Duo come next only to Pappu Launchers in terms of the number of Lauches made by them. The Sardesai is allegedly considers himself to be a writer par excellence and  one usually wonders who buys his books because his mind is a open book and there is nothing secret about him except for his luxurious lifestyle. But the sincere Sardesai Duo would take his books to nook and corner of Delhi and to place where Delhi based politicians go and then would Launch his book. His planned Launches should be a case study to the ISRO too.
  • Job Hopping: The Sardesai Duo has rarely changed their jobs for growth. They have changed their jobs because they are kicked out ceremoniously or their company is under serious financial problems. This part might be fake but when dealing with Sardesais there can be nothing fake and we can always say “Lets Agree to Disagree”. Every time the Duo does this perfect Job Hopping they would always get a better Landing spot and hopefully a better pay package. The Media Daddies are always indulgent of their favorite kids.
  • Feasting: The Sardesai Duo and their friends are champions in feasting and the feasting we are talking is not ordinary feasting. The feasting we are talking about is tragedy, deaths and the Duo are the best in the business and they would never miss a feast.

It is common knowledge that one should play according to their strengths but the Sardesai Duo seem to have developed a sense of invincibility because of their history of being shielded by the various Daddies. In their entire career supported by various Daddies they never backed down and have hever learnt any new lessons. History is replete with David vs Goliath battles and every arrogant Goliath has always been defeated by a humble David. The mighty Maino was defeated squarely by the humble tea seller and now this Sardesai Duo with all their Daddies are up against a humble lawyer. The friendships of Sardesai Duo with some of the most dubious politicians have brought this avoidable battle which we know how it is going to end if the Duo press for the battle. This battle if fought would definitely teach the Sardesai Duo one important lesson in life. But as Sardesai would say “Lets Agree to Disagree”.

Picture Credit: Wikipedia and Rishabh’s Lens


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