April 19, 2019

Let’s Shave Off Fanaticism of Fatwa


Sonu Nigam’s Bald (read Bold) move is going to ruffle some more Maulvis who are nothing more than fanatic motor mouths issuing Fatwas on everything under the sun.

Audacity of Raza Academy cannot go unnoticed.  Bollywood Liberals are in sleep mode as usual. They have been used to Raj Thackeray treatment so much so that they can hardly stand up to the might of frantic fatwas.




Moronic Maulvi from Bengal, shooting off fatwa,  has some state patronage. Stipend from Didi’s government would have emboldened him. We need to outrage at a higher pitch than Azaan so that liberals, seculars and Maulvis get the message in clear terms. We stand by Sonu and are not deterred by fatwas. It’s time to show Maulvis his place (behind bars).

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter


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