April 19, 2019

Life and Times of Modi

Born to Lead

Every time you try to write off Modi he comes out much stronger. He has mastered the art of channelizing his precious energy in constructive work for the nation. No matter what critics and his enemy in media and opposition might do, there is nothing that can beat him.

No point writing his days as CM of Gujrat but from the time his name was announced for the PM, we have seen it all. Once he became PM and roughly one year into his tenure, opposition was busy making fun of his overseas trips. Right from his first trip to Nepal and then inviting US President for the 26th January in 2015, everything had a purpose.

Just when nation thought that Modi should take revenge for URI and nothing was coming out, he came out with approval for Surgical Strike. It is a master stroke. Limited action maximum damage and impact. Message is clear to Pakistan. Don’t mess around with India.

Hands that hugged Sharif are now choking him and making every breathe difficult.

Modi has very smartly used all possible options of leniency and being patient. Right from inviting Sharif to his oath ceremony to greeting him personally on his birthday. And even allowing Pak team to visit India after Pathankot attack.

Some of the learned people that I respect like Jaggi, Tufail Ahmad, Mahroof Raza, Minhaz Merchant, Retd. Major Gaurav Arya, Anil Kohli, Gaurav Sawant, Kanchan Gupta have written and spoken enough on Surgical Strike.

Going by the development Pakistan is not on back foot but in a way they have declared themselves retired hurt and now sitting in Pavilion watching global news on how India is being supported.

I remember President George W Busy sentence from one his speech We will smoke them out of their holes. 

Surgical Strike has not only got some rats out of hole and some running and scared even after our Commandos were back but some so called INDIAN CITIZENS and Politicians also came out of their holes. They need proof. Hatred for Modi is fine but to an extent that every word they speak against Indian government is being used by Pakistan.

While Sanjay Nirupam, Arvind Kejriwal and many wants proof of Surgical Strike they need to remember for good ten years there was no support for the defence forces. Will share just one link to put my perspective and prove how serious congress was in dealing with the same.

Congress should remember that Modi makes good use of every minute while travelling. Maximum time is spent in night for travelling and day for meetings. While their own Raj Babbar called off a meeting just to catch a flight.



There is only one ray of Hope. And that is MODI. There are un finished agenda. Will talk about them in next article.

Picture and Link Credit: WhatsApp, Twitter, The Times of India, DNA


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