April 26, 2019

Life is too Short

Don't get carried away with Monday Blues

We decide who we want to criticize. If the discussion is on failing economy we blame the number of festivals we have in India. If the vicinity is not clean then we blame the civic administration. The list of complaining is endless.

End result we have done PhD in COMPLAINING.

Complaining is a result of irritation and frustration. No POWER on earth can give us frustration unless we decide to get frustrated.

One such irritation is attending office on first day of the week MONDAY. We have tagged it as MONDAY BLUES because of the influence of the west.

Office goers look forward to a weekend. That is fine. Friday dressing spells out the atmosphere in the office. Even before an employee swaps his card on the attendance machine or puts his / her royal thumb on the biometrix in the office, weekend has started. The atmosphere in office is ecstatic. All are cheerful. It is literally picnic kind atmosphere.

My observation while working in a private bank where I was looking after account opening for over 650 branches is that the productivity was highest on friday and error log was lowest. Reason, the concentration levels were high and no one wanted to sit late because of stupid mistakes of their own accord.

MONDAY BLUES are an outcome of LAW OF ATTRACTION. You attract fear, you would get ample fear in return. You attract LOVE, you would get ample LOVE in return. You attract FRUSTRATION, you would get ample frustration in return. Who do you blame?

Life is too short, give your best. May be more than 100% wherever possible.

It is easy to blame. It is easy to tell the world you did it. It is easy to tell the world no one supports. It is easy to get carried away with enemies, because they seem to be more honest than your friends and parents at times.

Give yourself time. Monday will start when the alarm will wake you at 6 am. Why waste portion of your weekend worrying about MONDAY.

Remember once you leave HOME the family is left behind. Give them a smile they deserve and take a smile from them you deserve. Monday will come and go, life is YOUR’s, LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

Picture Credit: http://media02.hongkiat.com/counter-monday-blues/monday-blues.jpg


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