April 26, 2019

Live Life with Fervour

Two people  Kalyani Khona and Shankar thought in these lines and they worked to help Disabled or  Differently Abled people to lead a normal life and their brainchild  INCLOV was born.They are both founder partners of this group.

Founder, Inclov | INK fellow | Rajeev Circle Fellow | Consultant, Government of India | 35 under 35 Game Changers of India by Entrepreneur Magazine

Co-founder, Inclov | Building India’s largest offline community for people with disabilities to meet in person in curated and accessible spaces.

Disability is one of the most important issues in our society due to stigmatization of people with disabilities contributed to formation of biases and prejudices which put them in a disadventageous position compared to able people. Though modern educational system is trying to  give such people equal chances to be a part of society.But still students with excessive disabilities face problem with integration into the classroom environment and development of positive relations with their peers.

Disability is the complex notion that involves limited opportunities and special needs of people. But ability involves a set of skills,knowledge and opportunities to exercise them  to do specific tasks and this widens the gap between abled and disabled people. Thus the concept of ability and disability turns out to be pivotal for modern educational system and society at large. This influences consistently the development of students and position of individuals with disabilities and abilities.It raises problems in personal and professional development of individuals. People may be physically or mentally challenged and they are not able to do major physical or mental functions of life. Some are born handicapped and some develop it due to disease,accident etc. Thus their functioning becomes slow and are deprived from enjoying a normal life. Why does society look upon them as social burdens. It is our duty to encourage them to face life with fortitude and life still holds charm for them. They can be employed in various craft and vocations befitting them. Each can become successful if given the opportunity. Beethoven was deaf but became a world famous musician. Helen Keller was blind,deaf and dumb but discovered the Braille System for the blind. Sudha  Chandran of our country became a celebrity as a dancer with her artificial leg and this was due to her will power and training to rehabilitate with dignity in our society. Deepa Mallik another such woman who is wheelchair bound due to paralysis has achieved a lot and made history by getting a gold medal in the Olympics.

They do not need charity or sympathy but fellow-feeling to lead their life.Only love and feeling of wantedness is required. 125 million people with disability live in India and they are discriminated due to slow learning abilities,but they may be gifted more than able bodied people. They want to enjoy life like normal people, want fun,date,chat, matrimony, so INCLOV was born.First matchmaking app which helps disabled people to meet and match. I have witnessed disability in my family, my young brother-in –law  was polio stricken at a young age but uses callipers to move,his will power helped him to procure a government job but he remained frustrated as he wanted a soulmate to understand him,we were on a massive hunt at last the internet helped him find his partner with partial disability and now they are proud parents of two daughters. Another example was my dear friend’s daughter born with a congenital heart disease. Surgery at a young age helped her to get a lease to life, now a young lady, well educated but wanting a soulmate had lost self esteem,once she was introduced to INCLOV,she gained the lost confidence and is hoping to find a life partner at the earliest. She is endowed with a fearless nature,spends her time with N.G.Os.


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