May 19, 2019

Live with Dignity

newsnviewsWe all respect men in Uniform and specially at this juncture when the nation is debating Pakistan, our martyr’s and stand off with China. Our men Live with Dignity.

Everyday I receive many pictures and videos on WhatsApp like so many others. Most of them are routine in nature, good morning and good night messages. Don’t know why my contacts send such messages instead of typing some original thoughts which I will seriously pay attention.Once in a while I receive some messages that compel me to think. In the last one month I received two pictures showing concern and sympathy towards hard working women.

Just a look at these two pictures says it all. In one picture the lady is pregnant and in another one she is on her way to some place while breast feeding the child. In both the pictures they are carrying weight. We see so many women like this in our everyday life. Probably they are not educated and working hard to make both ends meet. While the government is working on various fronts to bring BPL families in mainstream and give them their due share a lot has to be done.

We need to stand up salute these ladies who don’t buckle down in face of difficulties, instead grit their teeth meet and overcome the challenge, these are not page 3 material so they don’t find mention in the daily fare of news. Men are deemed to be strong, the real strength are such ladies who stand behind their men silently contributing to  a life of dignity for the entire family.

Marvel at the wisdom of our rishi’s and forefathers who have represented strength in the female form  (Shakti).

Picture Credit: Received via WhatsApp


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