April 19, 2019

Live with Dignity

1 Ka Dum Foundation has started a campaign to create job opportunity for family of Martyr’s, retired defense staff and their immediate family.

The title of this article LIVE with DIGNITY is not aimed at the ones from the defense only, it is also targeted at the civilians.

Why and How?

We as civilians have various reasons for not going to the borders and always wonder how we can play some role in contributing to the Nation. Last month I had an opportunity to hear Mr. Anshu Gupta in a seminar. Here is was speaking about Dignity. The giver is not big. The receiver is big. Imagine if the receiver refuses to take charity, what do you do.

Coming back to the discussion, In India we don’t have a mandatory service in defense. So should we just keep blaming the government? Let us establish some connect with the defense staff and their family. Defense Ministry has ways and means to take care of each one of them. But that should not be the end of it. Let us strengthen the government by assisting these families with employment opportunities.

The ones who are highly qualified get jobs easily. What about the ones who have to struggle for want of qualification and experience?  Few industries have made inroads in small towns even. These are banking, insurance, courier and cargo, automobiles, mobile, etc. These companies can easily service their requirement from defense background family.

Though everyone is welcome to send their bio data. Our focus is mainly on the ones who are not in position to find jobs, some may not know how to make a great bio data, some may not know how to connect with HR in private sector, some may have done everything but have got tired of following up with some recruitment agencies who at times ask for money.

Our understanding is simple. Martyr’s and retired family stay amongst us. Someone who is their neighbor has to take the initiative of speaking to them and connecting them with us. Probably you may have to assist them in making a bio data. Depending on the qualification and experience a job is always there. It may take some time but not impossible.

It is not about just making a bio data or sending their bio data to us. It is about a family.

Think about it. Share this information on your twitter, facebook, etc. If you can post this on your office notice board to spread awareness, that would be great. We will share a formal art work for that.

Remember Power of 1 is great. One can make a difference. You too can make the difference.

Live with Dignity.

Credit: Goonj for the URL

Email: 1kadumfoundation@gmail.com

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