March 22, 2019

#LivewithDignity – Answers to the Tweet and Poll

Live with Dignity is a social initiative for creating employment opportunity for family of martyr’s and also financially weak staff from our armed forces.

1 Ka Dum Foundation is creating a Bio Data Bank. All bio data received are shared with private sector and no money involved.

TwitterWe are happy that some friends on twitter have responded to the poll. Here are some points that will help us mutually:

Live with Dignity is an ongoing initiative. It has started recently and will take sometime to go full swing with help of like minded citizens on social media.

1 hour / month: Actually you may land up investing less than that. In case you know of someone from the said background, please send their Bio Data to us. This doesn’t happen frequently and we believe you may not be required to spend even 1 hour / month.

There are many on social media who would be functional head or from Human Resource background, business owners or in key position like MD, CEO, etc. Please send us a confirmation that your company will consider Bio Data for employment if they are sent from 1 Ka Dum Foundation. There are no compulsion / commitment. It just help us in having more avenue to approach.

Remember the ones who serve in Defense Forces sacrifice a lot and whatever they do, DIGNITY is integral part of their attitude. We don’t believe in raising funds. We believe in creating an alternate platform full of Dignity. They live and die for us. Because of them we enjoy freedom and Dignity.

So when time comes we also need to extend the same gesture to their family. Hence, the initiative LivewithDignity

Jai Hind

Video messages by Retired Defense Officers for #LiveWithDignity

Some more announcements in coming month. For updates, please follow @1_Ka_Dum




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