April 19, 2019


By taking inspiration from the mostly useless minister of information and broadcasting, His Acronymous Venkiahji, the Leeches of Lynchings can be sweetly and shortly called as LoL.

Leech: An aquatic or terrestrial annelid worm with suckers at both ends. Many species are blood sucking parasites, especially vertebrates and others are predators.

Lynch: Kill (someone) for an alleged offence without legal trail, especially by hanging

LoL: Laughing Out Loud

If we go the best search engine of modern times and search for Lynch we get about 12,90,00,000 results (0.67 seconds) as on 30/06/2017 and at least 10% of these results might be the contribution of our own people in propaganda. The dictionary meaning of Lynch does not even come close to the events that are happening in our country but the right word usage has never been the forte of a few people who cannot be expected to maintain any standards. Yes, we are taking about the most dishonest, manipulative and fraudulent among the news traders who go on about doing their Leeching business.

The dictionary meaning of Leech very accurately matches the working of these news traders for whom Lynch has become the buzz word. Where the word is buzzing is anybody’s guess but surely several bank accounts would be buzzing a lot because even our enemies are happy with the works of these people. Yes these news traders are suckers from both ends. Even though they are not literally blood sucking parasites, these news traders are nevertheless parasites feeding of the visuals of blood (tragedy) of victims of the only vertebrates (Hindus) because others have no spine (respect to constitution and human life) to stand up to the tyranny of several destructive ideologies.

The Leeches of Lynchings have become a laughing stock among themselves and sadly  these leeches are now sucking up one another in a circle and one after another is getting destroyed. No outside force is working to kill (destroy the careers) these leeches but the hunger of one leech is killing another and the whole tribe will die of starvation. Coming to the issue of lynchings, targeted killings, encounters by police, killings by citizens, petty murders and killings by terrorists of various ideological kinds, nothing is merrier than the death of a anti-human person. If the dead person has no respect for the rules of the society then the society should not shed a tear collectively and only the loss of life should be at the individual level.

If a good citizen has lost his life who has done no harm to the society, then it is a loss to the society and only the concerned authorities should take a call in this regard. Does these statements mean the citizens taking law into own hands is good? Absolutely not, but when the state looks at the other way for the crimes against the society the society puts up the best/worst kinds of people out for self defense. The state should be subservient to the rules of the society and if it fails in its primary duty of security then no amounts of prosperity would satisfy the citizens. It is only the failure of the state and the people in power that the crimes are only increasing. There can be a blame that the citizens are not forth coming to support the state, but who has the onus to provide security in the first place.

The citizens have given up weapons and have given the state the authority to punish the criminals and when the state fails, the citizens picks up the weapons. It is up to the state to decide if it wants to bring in rule of law or allow lawlessness. When there is a complete ecosystem justifying any kind of deaths, the state has got more responsibility to first destroy the eco system because the criminals and ecosystem are the two mouths of the leeches that feed of the lynching. The efforts of the Leeches of lynching to send the whole nation into collective guilt trip should be commendable but in the process these people are getting paid back with simple LoL as there is neither truth nor honesty in their works. I pity the loss of life but not waste person positive energy on fake mourning.

The Acronymous Minister would do well to read the rule book and implement the rule of law and we want the Minister to go into the League of Legends and not become a LoL (Lots of Laughs) himself.

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