May 19, 2019

#LondonBridge: Is it Falling Down?

UK has been at the receiving end. Three terror attacks in last five months. After Manchester, its London. “Living with terror is part of urban life (Mayor Sadiq Khan).”  The worst wordplay on urban life by a Mayor. Why there is no course correction? What are intelligence agencies smoking?  Sadiq Khan’s pipe dream of “Urban Life”?

A mayor known for waxing eloquent is silent so far because “terror has no religion”. The knifeman shouted “this is for Allah”. Why morons keep on linking it to religion? Link it to “Urban Life” and let the vicious charade of “London will stay strong” rant forever.

The denial of danger of Islamic extremism by liberals across the globe is more terrifying. It’s time to purge liberal lexicon of “Lone wolf incidents” and “alienation”. The fact that umpteen attempts at “integration” has failed to bring Muslims into the mainstream cannot be overlooked. Trump is again proven right. He has pitched for “immigration ban” again after London attacks. While liberals have mocked him, the need to ratify immigrants makes more sense than “terror has no religion” narrative.

Political correctness need to be purged and let’s call a spade a spade. Create a “Blue Print” to fight terror.

Picture Credit: Star Tribune



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