April 20, 2019

Loop Holes in Education needs to be Plugged – Demonetisation

While the majority of the honest tax payers are happy with PM initiative to unearth black money despite the pain they are also unhappy at rampant high handedness approach in schools and colleges.

Majority of school chains are being run by politicians. They are still taking fee in cash. This needs to be curbed. The writer of this article had reached out to Smt. Smiriti Irani through a social media contact on the necessary amendments in education sector. Immediate action was taken but amendment is still not done.

Sharing the content of the mail and recommendation for reconsideration once more for government and public consumption.

Thanks a ton for sharing your mail id.

There are lots of pain areas that parents face each day with schools.

My elder son will appear for Maharashtra Board exams next year. Then, there are kids of other age group right from 3.5 years onward in my friend circle and neighborhood.

I have witnessed plenty of problems. 

These are as follows:

  • ·         All private schools have an unprofessional way of giving admission form. Parents line of at 4 am in the morning to get these forms.
  • ·         Then comes the capitation fee that is taken in cash. Parents are made to sign a document that is more of a template that says they are giving this money as charity for schools building maintenance, etc.
  • ·         Some schools ask parents to write down the currency note number against the denomination and sign that piece of paper along with cash for records.
  • ·         Corporal punishment is still rampant. Be it physical or mental. At times the kids are scared to tell their parents. At times the child informs the parents but they are hesitant to file cases.
  • ·         Schools ask the children to collect funds on some photo copied paper for Army Day, Helpage India. These sheets of paper never have a number nor any receipt is issued to people who donate money.
  • ·         Parents are interviewed even for nursery students.
  • ·         Uniform and books to be bought from a certain place that the school management directs. There is visible difference between price and quality.
  • ·         Quality of school counselor and teachers.

All this can be brought under control if these solutions or something better than this is done on priority.

  • All private schools (be it aided or unaided) should have the admission online. They should announce the number of seats from Nursery to standard VII on their website.
  • Payment for admission forms and in case the admission is given the payment should be online.
  • Conformation of class and section should be done online.
  • Schools need to have a dedicated button on their site regarding Corporal punishment. This should be informative. Preferable a template should be given by the ministry. The data in case of corporal punishment should be public on school site, so that potential parents or parents of current students can view it.
  • In case there is a case of corporal punishment then there should be a log in for parents and Education Ministry should have access to this so that they are also aware of complain and action taken.
  • School fee should be made online. School policy to revise the fee should be announced on their site.
  • In case any school is asking kids to collect funds then they should take approval from local education department and displays the same on website with clear message that it voluntary and not compulsory.
  • School should put names, photo, experience etc. of teachers on their website. This would solve a lot of problems in terms of quality of education.
  •  A dedicated page for taking appointment from class teacher, counselor or Principal. This would eliminate high handedness of school management who refuse to give entry to parents other that open day.
  • On lines of parent teachers meet to discuss the progress of the child, there should be a quarterly meet of PTA with principle to review / give feedback on teachers as well.

Thanks for your time and look forward to see parents on front foot with some policy change.


Robin Srivastava

The mail was sent on August 1, 2015 and necessary step were taken and covered by media on August 28, 2016. Sharing one of the link for reference Smriti Irani ups the ante, private schools may have to declare assets, fee structure soon 


This amendment should be made on a war footing basis and no relief should be given to the management of the schools.

Education sector is one main sector where all income group parents are affected and government should take corrective steps without giving any room for a stay order or PIL.

Unless the government gets tuff, the harassment will continue and Black Money loophole in this sector can’t be plugged.

Picture Credit and Link Credit: Economic Times, India TV 

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