April 19, 2019

Love Jihad

Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is defined as an activity under which young Muslim men and boys target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love. The origin of the word is unknown but attributed to the far-right groups. There is no official evidence supporting these claims. The concept rose to national attention in India in 2009 with alleged conversions in Kerala and Mangalore. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Jihad)

The Love Jihad concept is as real and imaginary as the existence of Islamic Terrorism. While the so called peace loving and mythical moderate islamists claim that Islamic terrorism does not exist, the radical and the gun/knife wielding and self detonating Koran quoting Muslims continue to terrorize ordinary citizens with their holy acts in the name of their personal god. But in the context of the Love Jihad the moderates too have no escape because the existence of the phenomenon is declared by none other than the secular courts of India. So there can be no doubts regarding the existence of Love Jihad and the dangerous agenda behind it and the only way to nullify this truth to some extent by a pronouncement by the secular courts about the absence of Love Jihad. The u-turning of truth is difficult because the victims of Love Jihad are not only the kafirs but also the children of another intolerant god who consider everyone else as sinners. Leaving the ideologies behind it is important to understand the issue of Love Jihad.

Why is that women are targeted by Love Jihad? The believers of the Love Jihad have a belief in the game of numbers are women are an important part of this numbers game. There is none but the women folk are to be blamed for their failure in seeing through the game of their boyfriends. The women folk cannot be given any respite for suffering at the hands of their Lover boy Jihadis after breaking the bonds with their family systems and their suffering is their own doing. The women folk in the name of independence and what not have tried to be too liberalistic and have abandoned their traditions and their societal norms and have crossed the boundary set forth  and have now fallen victim to dangerous ideologies and their pain is difficult to remove but the blame cannot be shared by the society. The failure of the women folk and their continued suffering due to the love jihad is the responsibility of the feminist folk and the liberal value preachers alone. In the name of progressive and breaking the bonds of patriarchy the minds of the young women are filled with dangerous concepts and in the end when these women become victims, the immoral preachers disappear from the scene.

The blame of failure to educate the young people about the various dangerous ideologies lay at the feet of the elders of the various societies. Hindu society has been failing big time in giving the religious education in the name of modernity. The traditional values and the ritual significance are being mocked in the name of modernism. The imposed poverty of the Hindus is also another significant reason for the young people becoming victim to false richness offered by dangerous humans. The Lover boy Jihadis are very clear in their ideology and also in their game of numbers. It is not only the women folk who have succumbed to the Love Jihadi games, a few men have also fallen victim for want of something special. The biggest sufferers are the parents of the victims of the Love Jihad game because it is their pain that nobody can share because a child who travels a wrong path is partly a result of faulty parenting.

The Jihad will continue in various ways and it is only the Love methods are employed for the time being. Rape jihad was practiced not too long ago and the ways of jihad will expand. When the society has given up on its fundamental duty of protecting their own like in case of Rotterham the victims of Love Jihad are the sacrificial lambs for the cruel desires of the elders of the society. Indian society has put premium on the conduct of the individuals and society and those deviant ones will continue to suffer for failing to follow the simple rules of societal living. The games of Love Jihad will soon morph in more dangerous and sinister ones and everyone will say that the games donot exist while the victims suffer endlessly. A intelligent society will teach the reality to their own and keep everyone informed for their own safety. A risk taking individual is better left alone after a warning and a foolish individual is not to be disturbed. Love Jihad, Knife Jihad, Car Jihad, Truck Jihad, Bomb Jihad or any other kind of Jihad is as real as the victims of the same. Only fools will say that the phenomenon doesn’t exist.



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