May 20, 2019

Lunar Eclipse and Lunacy of Politicians

The world is going to witness the longest lunar eclipse of this century, and it has adversely affected some politicians. Kumaraswamy, the CM blessed by none other than “Punyaatma” of Indian Politics, left for Tirupati on Thursday to offer prayers. D K Shivakumar started “Temple Run” to ward off effects of the eclipse.

The madness did not end there.  Some genius from the grand old party came up with a novel idea of “No Income Tax” for everyone under the age of 35.  How would revenue loss be compensated? By taxing potato factories or exporting Made In Amethi bedsheets to Obama?

The “Hug” master wants India to adopt Pakistan like  voting system. The rants about Pakistan and obsession with the neighboring country has started showing visible results.


The party is going down the slippery slope to irrelevance though Rahul Gandhi is the talking point across the border.

Rumor mills are abuzz with the fact that the “Hug” master wanted to touch PM’s chair so that he could become Prime Minister in 2019.

His obsession with RSS is bound to get him one more defamation suit. Recently he blamed that BJP steals public money to fund the RSS.

A promising leader from Hindi heartland, Tejpratap Yadav, fell off from a bicycle while opposing the fuel hike prices.  Lantern loyalists might attribute the fall to pre-lunar eclipse effects.

Ex-CM Siddarmaiah who introduced the anti-superstition bill in Karnataka deferred the cabinet expansion because he considers Ashada as an inauspicious month.

Sidda once changed his car because a crow sat on it. He introduced many “Bhagya” schemes but electorates wrote his bhagya adversely. Poor soul, he could not get “Punyaatma” blessings.

PWD Minister Revanna was advised by his astrologer to travel 350 Km from Bangalore to his hometown Holenarsapur after becoming the minister and he wasted taxpayers money diligently.

Image Courtesy: Zee News


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