April 21, 2019

Lunar Eclipse (Fiery outcomes?)

The latest Lunar Eclipse commences on 27th July late night and early hours of July 28. The duration of the eclipse is one hour and 48 mins. The eclipse takes place in Capricorn Rashi (Makara Rashi or Makaram). The Nakshatras which are involved in eclipse are Uthrashaada / Uthiraadam and Shraavan/ Thiruvonam which is also Abijit. Thithi – Purnimasya.

The eclipse is taking place in Makara Rashi (capricorn). Capricorn is an earth sign, Mars is retrograded and is placed very close to Kethu in degrees in Makara Rashi. Mars being part of the lunar eclipse fuels more fire as Mars is a fiery planet. It is a soldier planet, it is a planet of war, blood, earth, weapons, fight, transformation, land etc. Capricorn is a natural 10th house in the Zodiac which is also connected to Government. At the same time Mercury is also Retrograded and is in mutual aspect with Retrograded Mars. Earthly problems may emerge. I am listing down certain possible events of this lunar eclipse around the world.

  1. There could be government related problems (Govt may fall, Govt scandals).
  2. Land related problems.
  3. Earth quakes, fire, volcanic eruptions, weapon related injuries, vehicle accidents (any transport) etc.
  4. Life Transformations and beginning of new things.
  5. Negative energies.
  6. Challenges in communication, misunderstandings, back biting may take place.

As the eclipse is taking place in Makara Rashi and the lagnas involved during eclipse are Mesha (Aries) and Rishaba (Taurus). People who have their Sun, Moon and Lagna in any of the following Rashis should take extra care during this eclipse by meditating and developing positive energies – Makara Rashi, Mesha Rashi, Rishaba Rashi, Kataka Rashi (Kadagam) as these Rashis are directly involved in eclipse. For other rashis we need to do detailed analyses based on their horoscope.

Over all people around the globe should meditate, develop positive energies, try to avoid anger, fights, control the negative emotions by involving in Mantra recitation during this time. May all our life transform for good during this lunar eclipse and may good things emerge.

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