April 19, 2019

Lunar Monologue of Karva Chauth Survivor

With so many hungry women looking at the moon, on eve of Karva Chauth, moon gets furious at the fast. Makers of “Fast and Furious” franchise should contemplate some celluloid venture for the fast which generates enough energy to keep women furious for remaining days of the year. Whether the fast helps in longevity of husbands is a debatable point. What is not debatable is the fact that Karva Chauth gives “Selfitis” a free hand. Selfitis is defined as obsessive- compulsive desire to take photos of self. For “Group Selfies” lets use “Group Selfitis”.

Selfitis is okay if unwilling participants (read husbands) are not dragged into selfie clicking frenzy. One of my co-worker complained of lip-ache. “Lip-ache” when you pout so much so that it hurts. He could not match the pout making expertise of his wife. Number of selfies were clicked but none could match pout equality. Poor guy had to gargle with lukewarm water to relieve the pain. Initially, I dismissed it as one odd case but when I walked towards the water cooler I saw another soul trying to do some neck exercise. I asked, “What the heck is this man?” . He narrated his ordeal. He had to tilt his neck so many times to get the perfect selfie shot. I nodded my head in empathy and moved on to the reception area. I was startled to see women in groups with three to four selfie sticks. At first, it seemed like a selfie warfare. Selfie sticks in the air, “click” sounds echoed across the lobby. Atmosphere was charged enough. So many groups and so many selfie sticks. Gosh!. I started to wonder if the next world war would be over selfies and sticks.

After sometime when the buzz subsided, murmurs and giggles followed. Ladies started to upload the pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Timelines were flooded. Hunger for more likes overshadowed the fast. Appetite went for a toss!! Some of the ladies complained of slow internet connectivity while others flaunted “Datagiri” of Jio. Ladies with Jio had a better “Digital Life” and others could only turn green in envy.

I marched towards cafeteria to end hunger games in stomach.

Picture Credit: wikiHow


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