May 24, 2019

Lutyen’s MATTERS

It’s said, ‘Snobbery is a form of despair’, no wonder the elegant Lutyen’s is home to some of the biggest snobs and there seems to be no end to their despair, at least in the near future.

Lutyen’s – THIS word is now firmly etched in our minds not just because it represents the Prime Real-Estate that’s home to the high and mighty of Delhi but also because of the heady mix of Politicians, Bureaucrats, Journalists and Power brokers of Lutyen who have, for years, systematically classified their preferences on the basis of ‘Class’ and ‘Background’. There have judiciously worn the badge of British era etiquette and lingo to distinguish themselves from the inferior and inelegant political class.

A powerful few decide as to who is on the favorable side of the SOCIAL DIVIDE and who isn’t – a demarcation concocted by them to measure the acceptability of a person to their esteemed Club.

Off late, Lutyen is an often used term to represent the Congress and their politically powerful cronies who propagate a customised version of secularism and liberalism across India.

It would be incomplete if the Lutyen Media isn’t mentioned – they practice opinionated journalism of favoritism and it goes without saying that BJP isn’t one of their pet Parties.

Non Congress Prime Ministers were considered out caste by the Lutyen gang, stalwarts like Morarji Desai, Charan Singh and Deve Gowda were at the receiving end of their ‘Holier than thou’ attitude .

Nowadays MODI is their pet hate. These redundant residues of the colonial era have scoffed at the Prime Minister and have mocked him many a times. They simply abhor him because these jet-setting  and powerful Lutyen Mafia who used to enjoy unhindered access to the corridors of power in the earlier Government have been ‘shut out & kept out’ by the MODI Govt .

To their consternation, MODI has stamped a class of his own which is unpalatable to the Lutyen elite. Be it his trademark Kurta, his oratory, his acronyms, his foreign jaunts and his style of Governance. He has given rise to a new Class that has a refreshing ethnic INDIANESS to it .

They know that MODI dosen’t just want a ‘Congress Mukth Bharat’, he also wants a ‘Power-Broker Mukt Luyten’.

The clout and the reach of the Lutyen club is on the wane, MODI is their bane and he is driving them INSANE.


Picture Credit: DNA India


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