April 19, 2019

‘Luv Pakistan’ by Mani Shankar Iyer

Mani Shankar Iyer’s assertion that ‘Pakistan wants dialogue but India doesn’t’ can only be termed as a naive statement by a self professed Pakistani aficionado. The congressman has a fetish to shoot his mouth off, which he does with alarming consistency and all credit to him, he strives to outdo himself. Now he has done it again!

The Congress and their sponsored media who took umbrage to RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on Indian Army, which was factually misrepresented with an intention to defile the Sangh, are silent on Iyer’s statement. Not even a facile condemnation from a party that was vociferously questioning the Prime Minister on the Pak policy just recently.

Who doesn’t want a dialogue? The Premier had extended the hand of friendship to Pakistan on many occasions. Unfortunately, Pakistan with a facade of innocence but a heart of hatred has always grasped the hand of friendship with one hand and has unleashed a barrage of cowardly violence with the other.

A former diplomat to issue such a statement severely indicting the Indian government can be because of two factors that cloud his vision. Firstly, his deep rooted love for Pakistan & secondly, his deeply ingrained hatred of Modi. Why else would he give a clean chit to Pakistan which is the ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ of the world today? At least Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel depicted Jekyll as a good man but unfortunately even the Jekyll in Pakistan has a dark side. Iyer’s disparaging comments ridiculing India on Pakistani soil shows that he is Mr. Hyde without a smidgen of Mr. Jekyll in him.

Iyer’s certificate of exoneration to Pakistan coming at a time when their proxies are killing our Jawans in Kashmir is a dead giveaway. Congress cannot profess innocence and disown the statement of Mani Shankar Iyer because Iyer represents Congress and it can be said with certainty that Iyer echos the Congress views on Pakistan.

The Congress and the pro-Congress media are on the one hand lambasting Modi for the Pakistan problem but are dispatching avowed Modi haters like Iyer to talk peace with Pakistan that exposes a strategy that is dangerously similar to ‘Running with the hare and hunting with the wolves’.


Picture Credit: @ANI screenshot from Twitter


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