April 24, 2019

Lynchingistan and Beef Masala

CouptaJi of “Off The Puff” fame was so moved by Gionee’s “Selfiestan” ad campaign that he coined “Lynchingistan” so that “Beef” masala could be peppered to junk journalism which he and his ilk represents. Geographical boundaries of lynchingistan are limited to states under NDA rule and conveniently exclude “Namma Karnataka”, Didi’s “Promised Land of Poriborton”,”Goon’s Own Country” and “Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir”


A scuffle over train seats in Haryana is sprinkled by “beef” element and the news is made viral by champions of secularism who chose silence over lynching of Ayub Pandit by a savage Muslim mob. There are two categories of lynching. Secular and communal. Lynching of Ayub was secular since the mob was Muslim. Lynching of Dr Narang in Delhi was secular too.  Communal lynchings are “Mad Cow Disease”.


Numerous political activists with affiliation to BJP have been attacked and hacked to death  in West Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala. Such deaths are reduced to mere political vendetta but a random tiff or scuffle in other states is viewed with Gau Rakshak perspective and the spinning game unfolds.


The spin masters will continue to wreak havoc unless and until Ministry of Information and Broadcasting gets cracking on these twisted minds.


Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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