May 20, 2019

Machines, Connectivity and Idiot of Things (IoT)

The National Healthcare Protection Scheme proposed in Union Budget 2018 would be a failure if “Healthcare Transformation”, as suggested by Rahul Gandhi by connecting MRI machines, is not done. Rahul has shown exemplary brilliance in proposing a new paradigm of connectivity. “In a connected world, your power is my power” these words are nothing less than a powerful performance of a spotless mind. Nokia has connected people but come to think of “Connecting Power” . Isn’t it a solution to world’s “Power Problems”? Is Union Power Minister listening?

Connectivity brings its own share of problems. “Hacking”!! EVMs have borne the brunt of being hacked. Is it turn of MRI machines to be hacked too?  In the coming days,  members of the revolutionary party ruling Delhi would tap into their engineering talent and link EVMs to MRIs and a “Hackathon” would be inevitable. Due to vulnerability of EVMs, democracy is under threat. Who would ensure that MRIs are not hacked? The answer lies in importing MRI machines from Italy to raise the bar of excellence in healthcare sector.

Cisco, the leading name in networking, should take note of Rahul’s deep and incisive insight of connectivity. His idea reflects a clear understanding of IoT( I am not alluding to Idiot of Things). Rahul Gandhi is Elon Musk of Connectivity. Let that sink in. For more “Out-of-the-box” ideas, Indian National Congress should organize overseas events so that Rahul’s thought process flow uninhabited.



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