April 19, 2019

Made In Uttar Pradesh : “Achche Din” for Obama?

UP_modiObama has embraced his new freedom and was spotted kite surfing on British Virgin Islands with Richard Branson. Home décor and furnishing is not on his mind. Someone else is getting restless over Obama’s bed sheets. Prince of Cot wants Obama’s bed sheet to be “Made in Uttar Pradesh”. Prince Clown is the biggest Modi Bhakt. He took “Make In India” seriously albeit a bit late. What could be USP of Made in Uttar Pradesh bed sheet? Stain Free? If Manmohan Singh can remain stain free despite plethora of UPA scams, same technology could be deployed to make “Stain Free” bed sheets for Obama. And to be fair to Obama, he badly needs a stain free one. He has too much blood on his hands (Yemen bombings!).

How about spicing up Obama’s gourmet with Made in Uttar Pradesh rahul_gandhi“Potato Factories”? These factories will churn out potatoes at Jupiter’s Escape Velocity. Achche Din are here for Obama. What more he could have asked for?

Will “Made in Uttar Pradesh” tokenism be of any help to people of the state? I doubt. Peace, Progress, prosperity and development has been in exile for more than a decade. “Vikaas ka Vanvaas” has to end for a new beginning. It’s time to look beyond tokenism and freebies doled out by politicians. People need to be empowered through employment and inclusive development. Will UP choose to make a new beginning or fall for fake socialism and hollow promises of Dalit upliftment and appeasement? Let’s hope for the better.

Picture Credit: Screen Shot from Twitter and Feature pic from Maruti Jha Facebook post.


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