May 24, 2019

Main Bhi PM

Karnataka election is turning out to be a tough test for Congress, their CM in Karnataka and PM in waiting, Youth Leader and Party President Shri Rahul G  knows the outcome even before the first vote is cast.

Mercury is going up and so is the debate by news traders to show Congress on strong footing. This is the time when business newspaper get converted to political newspaper and political newspapers get converted to spread the narrative given spread stage managed outrage.

Every political leader wants to be PM and nothing wrong in it. While aspiring to be the PM an individual and his party leaders too should understand the strength of the individual.

Party leader is a Brand in his/her own capacity. Successful Brands should have consistency, genuine market share that keeps increasing in even in new markets, natural connect with the TG , add value to the person status and very clear personality traits.

Let us evaluate few points. PM in waiting doesn’t have consistency. Having natural inclination to Secularism is fine but to have it in today’s world will only lead to more social issues. Secularism goes for vacation when majority community is in need of such leaders.

Coming to market share, instead of retaining the strong holds this PM in waiting is loosing market share faster than auto rickshaw meter of Delhi.

Natural connect with TG is matter of concern. The PM in waiting has a useful shelf life with regard to creating humor in all situation. Be it Jupiter Velocity, or … this morning I woke at night, Jawaab ka Sawaal, etc… Height is this doesn’t stop even when the Youth Leader is meeting a family to offer condolence.

Coming to status. We are living in an era where people are brand conscious. They spend a lot to maintain their social status and at times flaunt the same on social media. Add to this personality traits of a brand. Which age group is closely associated with the Brand? Which income group? etc…….

News Traders need to understand that just like some companies are on paper and function on government record, there are fake brands too. They are on paper. They can’t be displayed. Just like companies on paper, a brand on paper is bound to hit legal issues, get caught and that is where they make breathing difficult for the people around them as well.

Today the brands are spending money on CSR activity to look good and do good genuinely to the society. Compare this with PM in waiting and his Brand Custodians. Difficult to understand what they are up to. The only tangible actions of PM in waiting and his custodians is that they are making life for the PM in seat more promising with every act.

PM in seat developed Gujarat as model state and sold the same to the nation in 2014. Compare this with Amethi. Can the PM in waiting showcase one model work in Amethi that has his personal touch?

Main bhi PM. Golden past no Future.


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