May 20, 2019

Maino – The lady who woke Hindus

Rajiv Malhotra one of the intellectuals on the Hindu side has used some terminology such as Breaking India Forces, Reversing the Gaze etc. These and so many other terminologies used by the various Hindu side authors seem to have hit the bulls eyes in the passive intellectual minds of right wingers at various layers starting from the laymen such as this author to the extreme intellectuals such as the mathadhipathis of various sects. Many people are starting to realize that the current narrative of our civilization is not what it should have been and what is there in the public space is only a debased version.

The anti-Hindu ecosystem that has been surviving on the crumbs thrown by the people in power have continued their survival post the freedom movement. The failure of the Hindus to see though the treachery of the anti-Hindu groups has lead to a lot of damage in ever sphere of the Hindu way of life and Hindu religion and its several glorious traditions. The Hindus were poisoned from within by the various useful idiots acting as puppets of anti-Hindus. It is these puppet Hindus who lead the abuse and attack the Hindu civilization of India aided and supported by the several anti-Hindu groupings. The anti-Hindus with a clear agenda are gaining control over this nation bit by bit because of the weak defenses that are put against these agenda ridden people.

Even though the Hindus are all one but a parasite and a host body cannot be the same and the distinction has to be made. There can be only two groupings among the Hindus – civilisational Hindus and anti-Hindus. The civilisational Hindus are those who are proud of the history and the efforts of all those who have struggled to main the traditions, cultures and protect this land from falling into the alien hands and invaders. The civilisational hindus are also those who struggled to develop their communities in their own way in a harmonious way with the rest of the communities but not at the cost of other communities. A few modern leaders to gain prominence are trying to divide the hindus along various issues but most of their efforts donot seem to be working.

People who are not civilisational Hindus are all anti-Hindus and this group includes the various alien groups who have at one point of time or another tired to destroy the civilisational Hindus. The civilizational Hindus are broken into smaller groups by the anti-Hindus using a powerful tool called “victimhood”. Many anti-Hindu groups have failed to “drill in a sense of victimhood” into the stubborn minds of Hindus. The anti-Hindu group leaders have been very successful in creating this victimhood feeling in their local/global groups and have led quite a few genocides. The failure of the anti-Hindus in their agenda has resulted in continuous attacks but these attacks are carried out on one group at one time by one set of anti-Hindus. The anti-Hindu groups operate in a simpler fashion with one among the various anti-Hindu groups use name sake Hindus to be the face of the attacks. The missing collective defense frame work on a large scale has been a strength and weakness of the Hindus.

The Maino lady has to be thanked because she has hit the proverbial one last nail into the thick heads of the various leaders of the hindu groups. Instead of being the last nail in the coffin of the Hindus, the nail hit and broken the shell of the Hindus who have realized their status as second class citizens in their own country. Even the Land Clearance Activity for Ram temple has not broken the Hindu mental shell like the way Maino lady did.  Maino lady had taken the Hindus for granted neglecting their small resistances and had pushed the Hindus into the corner showing their true place as per her ideology. It is for this reason Maino lady can be called the greatest woman for the Hindus of the 21st century for waking up hundreds of sleeping giants.

The election results of 2014 are only one among the various effects of the efforts of Maino lady and the undercurrent are too strong to not get the attention of the anti-Hindus. Previously the anti-Hindus could continue with their agenda and attacks but only the resistance and counter attacks were highlighted by the loudspeakers of the intellectuals and the anti-Hindus. The right wingers leaders are now sprouting like never before and the counter attacks are only increasing at a rapid pace but not at the pace that might have been ideal for both the civilisational hindus and also for the anti-Hindu groups. The anti-Hindu groups would have hoped that the counter attacks on the streets would help them in their agenda but much to their dismay the counter attacks are happening in the intellectual plane. In the action front the counter attacks by the Hindus are happening in a much peaceful manner than expected.

The civilisational hindus who for long have thought that the government would take care of their interests have seen the real power of government during the Decade of Maino, that the government is there to destroy the nation as it exists and further the agenda of the aliens and anti-Hindus because the governance structures are intrinsically anti-hindu nature. The process of correcting the governance structures is not going happen from the government side without strong forces from the Hindus. To change governance structures it is necessary for the different groupings to force the governments to do things as per the needs of the civilisational hindus and not according to the ways of anti-Hindus. Inspite of the several small failures in the path of the Hindus, the awakening is happening and the various disjointed forces will unite and it seems to be only a matter of decade. But until then we have to thank the Maino Lady for her decade rule showing how to wield power to an agenda.


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