April 19, 2019



For someone who questions the working of PM Modi and claims to be Messaih of the poor should not forget for six decades plus, his party has been talking about Roti Kapdaa aur Makaan. For someone who tried to market Kalawati and forgot about her and then Shri Nitin Gadkari to help her. For someone telling Dalit Acheylal Raidas to treat him as his son because he had lost his son recently (in Bundelkhand) in 2008. He was assisted by CM Shri Akhilesh Yadav with a Pakka Ghar under some state government scheme later. For someone who wants to be seen future PM should know the meaning of MASTI. There is no GAIN without PAIN.

Can’t blame Rahul for the Masti. If we have to go in the past search Google we will find traces of his father even misusing the power as PM of India. INS Viraat was used for the dynasty personal holiday and kept away from service for 10 days.

Six decades wasted and now creating barriers when Modi is working.  Add to it When Big Tree Falls, KP Exodus, Bhopal Gas, and endless scams right from JEEP onwards.

The nation has already reduced congress to 44 and in 2019 Rahul will see VOTERS will reduce his MASTI.

Anyway, he should keep giving his superb Gyaan, it only helps BJP.


Picture Credit: WhatsApp Messages Twitter ScreenShots, http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/idyllic-vacation-for-the-gandhis-in-the-lakshadweep-archipelago/1/328849.html



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