February 19, 2019

Mayawati Resigns?

Mayawati threatens to quit .

All the opposition members of Rajya Sabha are indignant, not with the treasurer benches for heckling her, but with Mayawati herself because if she quits then she sets a precedent which will embolden the treasury to heckle the other opposition members into resignation.

They are worried that if members of their calibre leave one by one, then who will uphold the traditions of the house? Who will disrupt, who will flood the well of the house and who will flash placards? And, most importantly, who will block bills, that if allowed to pass will do good to the Nation?

One would expect the elders who are nudging retirement to be responsible and committed in the service of the Nation, but here is an Opposition that takes recourse to disruption as a stick to beat the Government with.

In those days people were keen about the happenings in both the houses of parliament, they wanted to know what was legislated, what bills were passed, who asked what during question hour etc.

Today we are glued to the TV’s keen to know who heckled the most, who was the first to rush to the well of the house, which ‘Non-issues’ were the issues of the day, so on and so forth.

Decency and decorum are morals for people – not lawmakers. Mandated responsibilities are for the rule books  and esteem of the house is for a trash can – that folks is the Rajya Sabha for you in ‘Sankshipt’.

Brits left us long ago but whatever they left behind is still dear to us. The a Upper House is one such gift to retired politico’s to get together and relive a political past – ‘a luxury funded by the people, for the politicians’.

If Mayawati resigns the government should announce a grand gala farewell party before she changes her mind. For once my fellow tax payers will not mind footing the bill for the send-off.

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