May 20, 2019

Meat of the Matter

IMG_20170531_071950The brouhaha about ban on cattle slaughter and organization of beef fests by self-proclaimed liberals points towards their intellectual malnourishment. Eating beef will not make up for the deficiency. Would eating Pork help? — it’s an open ended question.

IIT-Madras students need to look beyond culinary protests and get some meatier action in areas of innovation. Beef fests organized by them is an indication that left wing leukemia has permeated in centers of excellence and getting rid of leftist ideology is far more important so that bright minds do not get corrupted by warped connotations of liberalism.

It’s disturbing to note that anything which antagonizes Hindus is glorified as “Secular” activity. Since when “Beef Fests” became secular? Beer Fests are far more “Secular”. Beer Fests are celebrated world over in the month of October. Would CM of Kerala, who claims secular fabric of the country is threatened, allow “Beer Fests” in October in the state? Health benefits of beer are much higher than that of beef.

Killing of a 18 month old calf, in full public view, by Youth Congress member to protest cattle slaughter shows mental depravity of the party.cow_slaughter PETA was in deep slumber and was woken by tweet of Vice President of Indian National Congress. PETA has called for psychiatric evaluation of the Youth Congress member who butchered the calf. There should be psychiatric evaluation of the Vice President of the party too, who took 24 hours to realize the barbarism and savage act done by his party member. Did his morality escape at “escape velocity of Jupiter”? Was he day dreaming about 2019 Prime Minister’s post slouching on “cot” ?

Article 48 of the Indian constitution categorically emphasizes that states should take steps to care and protect cattle and milk producing animals.

It seems INC was reading Italian Constitution all these years.

Picture Credit: Twitter screen shots


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