April 24, 2019

Media Piranha

Many of the Twitterati  from the Liberal and Secular domain possess generic traits of the ‘Serrasalminae’ Family .

No! this is not the name of an Italian Mafia Family similar to ‘Corleone’ family famously eulogised by Francis Ford Coppola in ‘The Godfather’ movies, it’s the family to which the deadly fish ‘Piranha’ belongs to.

Just like the Piranha whose killer instincts are triggered by a drop of blood, the ‘LibroSecular’ instincts gets triggered by a whiff of an untoward incident committed by the Ultra Right Fringe. Their Twitter handles come alive whirring out frenzied messages to announce to the world that India is slipping into anarchy and that mobs have taken control of India.

These Piranha that straddle the internet as self-appointed sentinels have tasked themselves with a job to strip , dissect and lay bare the alleged atrocities that they claim are the handiwork of Hindus . Mind you , according to them, only a Hindu is capable of atrocities and followers of other religions are righteousness personified.

Human life has a dark side. A Loss Accessor wakes up with the hope that there is a accident. A Doctor wakes up with the hope that somebody falls ill. A Caretaker of a cemetery wakes up with a hope that somebody dies . There are numerous such profession that subsist on human tragedy . Our ‘Piranha’ wake-up with a prayer that their day starts with at least a vigilante taking law in his hands – all the better if a Hindu trashes a Muslim , and if there is death then, ‘bingo it’s jackpot time ‘.

Ms. Sagarika Ghosh has usurped the bookkeeping job of ‘Yama’s’ aide ‘Chitragupta’, she is now the official bookkeeper of ‘Yamalok’s’ branch in India, tasked with keeping tabs on the number of lynchings, killings etc, unfortunately as she is not blessed with divine powers to ascertain the truth, she bases her tally on half-truths and rumour.

The quick guns of the ‘LibroSecular’ fraternity like Shekhar Gupta, Tavleen Singh and many such trigger happy gringo’s shoot first and apologise later. They have made it their business to give unsolicited advice. Their expert comments gives one a feeling that, if left to them, they can solve every problem that confronts the nation.

Everyone wants to be LOVED but there is a peculiar breed of people like Rana Ayyub, Sanjiv Bhat etc who want to be HATED. Hatred is their adrenaline , the more you hate, the more important they feel . Rather than good, bad publicity is good for them.

These carnivore claim exclusive ‘Patent Rights’ on FOS and  FOE . Have tongues – will wag . Have venom – will spew, are their motto.

Whereas, when a Hindu exercises his FOS/FOE rights then he is communal , a ‘Sanghi’ and an intolerant ‘Bhakt’ .

The ubiquitous group of Piranha that roam the social world have a single point agenda – Discredit everything a Hindu does. Any talk of the virtues of Hinduism is communal . Any talk of beliefs of a Hindu is antithesis to Secularism.

The cohesive attack and the precision with which the Human Piranha attack can put the fish to shame. But, times have changed, people are not dumb to believe all their lies.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from twitter, Wiki, Photo editing by Rishabh’s Lens


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