April 23, 2019

Media Trolls V/S SM Trolls: Battle ground Social Media Turf War for 2019

Turf war for 2019 has begun in real earnest. No its not the Political Parties, it’s their proxies who the Public in general is accustomed to calling as journalists.

Print and Visual Media has been discredited beyond redemption, as is the case with the reputations of Media persons and Media houses.

sm2014 with low penetration delivered a massive shock to all of them, an innocuous technology driven tool , effectively employed by an outsider who had been defamed to the hilt for well over a decade managed to turn the tables decisively on his opponents. Reduced the celebrities to writing  meaningless books and political opponents into shrill ghouls Electoral verdicts cannot be reversed without defeating the incumbent in the next round of electoral battle.  Come 2019 it could be all 543 seats, which is a matter of grave concern, this turf needs to be coopted, controlled, manipulated to obtain desired electoral results.

Election of President Trump in USA has further reinforced  the role and influence of Social Media. Discredited persons from visual & print are seeking to gain a foothold in the digital space, this effort of their’s is  doomed to failure, because of inherent lack of credibility.

The flurry of activity that we see by the once main stream media persons is not a flash in the pan. Its a concerted effort. They seem to have finally woken up to the fact, social media is going to be the battle field. Which is going to impact 2019 general elections.

BJP certainly needs to rein in the minister who is often seen on a particular channel who In order not to offend hisScreenshot_2016-10-17-21-39-49 host. does not name Pakistan, instead employs neighbouring country for identifying Pakistan for beheading the Indian soldiers .This is definitely being noticed by the social media users. Social media does not stay silent when they notice such activity. You may be very effective with the media but, votes do not come from the media. Votes come from the social media i.e the public. The public is very very intuitive and analytical in its approach towards every member of BJP.2014 general elections is where social media impacted about 260 seats with varying degrees of impact. This was not anticipated that with a minimum reach, it would have such a major impact. 2014 is behind us,  2019 is around the corner. The impact of US elections has further reinforced the role that social media will play in any future elections. UK  turning right. US turned right. France is likely to turn right. Something that they need to do now in India is to get the social media into the fold. How do they get social media into their fold? Is by defaming it.IMG_20170504_170846 “Lets talk about Trolls”, and the recent article about the right wing ladies the ladies who support BJP, Disgusting as it is , it does not deserve any rebuttal from me. The attempt to rope in the foreign Embassies to hold events is another way to send a message that they will control the social media. By playing victim. Her attempts to defame the Hindus was firmly rejected by Ali Hisri when the topic was Islam, what was attempted was to inject in Hinduism

BJP should depend much more on the social media instead of running  away from it. Because this is where the real IMG_20160820_205238_162strength is. Social media is going to affect all the future elections. Do not ignore the social media. One major event that has occurred which is causing perturbation , to the irrelevant brigade. the minor crack, or should I call it  the first hairline fractures has been detected in the  entrenched  media. Arnab having made the first move to exit from the Media Mafia , we find even Mr.Chaubey of CNN (IBN) 18. Who has suddenly discovered that he is not going to allow Pakistani guests on his channel to speak on Indo-Pakistan relations. this is not happy news for those who support Pakistani activities in India. Terrorism or cross border violations.

IMG_20170430_053015_HDR (1)Failings of BJP ministers that are noticed by the Social Media users they are unable to keep the media persons at an arms length. There have been instances where the book that they have released they should never have been done so. And none of them showed any presence of mind or innovative technique to handle it. When the book was being handed over to them, why could they not let the book slip out and pretend that they have suddenly developed butter fingers and this could have been repeated several times till noticed by the media this would have conveyed  their reluctance and also the disgusts towards the person who was handing over the book to the minister. This is a very subtle way of conveying a message. We do not approve of the book or the person without actually stating it explicitly.

Let’s pose a few troubling but pertinent Questions

1. Will Modi Sarkar deliver an unambiguous message to the promoters /operators of Social Media platform to refrain     from indiscriminate and arbitrary suspension of users accounts?

2. Due process of law and natural justice be followed transparently, or there would be costs involved for platforms?

3. Will the state governments instruct the police to refrain from instantaneous arrests of the alleged accused, instead      investigate the complaint vigorously and if found genuine proceed against the culprit ,alternately proceed against        the complainant for false complaint?

4. Modi Sarkar has been drilling into Public about no free lunches available. Will it bite the bullet? Enter into                   commercial contract with SM Users?

5. Will BJP be able to muster the pre 2014 support for 2019?

6. Will the erection of gates and appointment of gate keepers post 2014, cost BJP extensively?

7.  Will the utterances of likes of Chandan Mitra impacts support for BJP?

8. Will frequent excursions to NDTV  by BJP ministers take a toll?

9. Will #super150 come into play all over again?

10. Will those who had loudly claimed to have worked selflessly for BJP  in the run up to 2014 now zoom out of the frame, only to resurface once favorable results in 2019 have been obtained?

Will the Social Media Supporters organize offline activities in pre 2014 mould or the fatigue will deter them from this important exercise?

How will all this play out ?what impact will it have on BJP? Will NaMo Magic work yet again?

Will BJP turn to SM & properties in Digital space to convey its message to the masses or will it rely heavily on the conventional Media?

Guess answers to all the above Questions will be available to us in the due course of time.

Will the SM warriors rise to the occasion swallow all the past insults from BJP in a Hope that we people will once again prevail and get a government of our choice in 2019.

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