April 19, 2019

#MediaSupari – Supreme Lord Arnab

#MediaSupari – Supreme Lord Arnab


In the #MediaSupari series, today we will expose Arnab’s organized and persistent , but hollow attack on the then BJP President Mr. Nitin Gadkari. Yet again modus operandi was to create hype and hysteria byceaseless shouting in attempt to silence those who disagreed with him on this issue.


Proof, evidence, logic and rationale these are the necessities of court of law and  common man,  not for the supreme lord, whose words become accusations; accusationelead of convictions and in Final Court of #TheNewsHour there is no hearing or appeal; only Supreme Lord Arnab speaks anddictates verdict awards punishment, on whomsoever he thinks is pleases guilty (whether one has committed a crime or not is immaterial).


Continuous 19 part expose was carried out by #TimesNow on Nitin Gadkari’s alleged scam. The lynchmob in studio, went hammer and tong after Nitin Gadkari, by making every information as breaking News and Crime of Mr. Gadkari. From having driver as director to having multiple companies, all without illegalities were fed to audience as criminal activity, without elaborating on the law or clause, which mentions the same.


Even after detailed explanation provided by acclaimed Shri. Gurumurthy that nothing illegal or criminal is found in the accusations by Arnab against Mr. Gadkari, the slandering didn’t stop.

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