April 24, 2019

#MediaSupari – Savior Arnob

We are running the series – #MediaSupari, where media is seen blatantly peddling half truth and  lies, in mad rush of TRP and urge to sit on Moral Judge position only to issue judgment based on whim and fancies

1st in the Series is – Savior Arnob

In month of August’ 2015, #TimesNow got a lead where a  certain Ms. Jasleen Kaur filed an FIR of verbal molestation against aperson named Mr. Sarabjit at a traffic signal, where Jasleen as a volunteer was managing traffic in Delhi.As per version of Jasleen , Sarabjeet passed some vulgar comments on Jasleen; after which Jasleen clicked picture of the so-called accused and file FIR with the police.

The case was under investigation, however overzealous team of #TimesNow proclaimed the crime  committed and Sarabjeet was criminal to be hanged. watch this video how the reporter of #TimesNow is Intimidating Sarabjeet who was then out on bail granted by court of law. Journalism is Not about Interrogation; but presenting FACTS this basic rule was long forgotten by Times Now Team.

After the investigation and slowly pieces of Jigsaw puzzle fitted in, the fake vigilante case by Aam Aadmi Party’s member was exposed bit by bit. Eye witness of the event denied version of Jasleen Kaur and in fact was in favor of Sarabjeet.

Later, The News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) has asked news channel Times Now to issue an apology and pay a fine for its reportage on the Jasleen Kaur case. <http://www.firstpost.com/india/times-now-told-to-apologise-for-jasleen-kaur-story-all-media-houses-should-take-note-2677810.html >

Picture Courtesy – www.timesnow.tv